Palm leaf statement

Jungle Love: Iconic Tropical Leaf Prints

Iconic Tropical Leaf Prints on the DecoratorsBest Blog

This spring, tropical leaves are spreading out all over in both the fashion and interior design world. For your home, this trend can be used as a dramatic statement or sparingly as an important focal point.

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Highlight an Accent Wall

Palm Wallpaper Bedroom

Sometimes less is more! From both a design approach and a cost saving one, an accent wall with a dominant pattern is very effective.

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Make a Statement

Palm leaf statement

A continuous look throughout a room can be achieved with the same window treatment as the wallpaper. Both fabric and wallpaper work equally well.


Create a Focal Point

Palm leaf fabric print sofa

To emphasize the focal point, keep everything else in the room very simple.


Photo sources: Decoist, House of Hackney, Completely Coastal

2 thoughts on “Jungle Love: Iconic Tropical Leaf Prints

  1. Boo, The Iconic Tropical Leaf Prints and the Jungle Love Prints have the same photos. Is that intentional? or a possible error? Thought I’d bring it to your attention- it’s not a criticism. XO Mutti >

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