How to Mix Bold Patterns to Express Your Individuality

Interior design today, like fashion has no rules. It’s all about expressing yourself in your own unique way. Here are some tips to help guide you to fulfilling your creativity.



The bright suzani print on the chairs ties this room together. Taking its cue from the circle in the print, the drapery fabric has a yellow background and its embroidery plays on the circular motif.

Tip:  Use an accent color from the main pattern for a complimentary color.
         Subtly use the same motif around the room.

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274464Schumacher 158321S Harris 101396Fabricut 262305Jaipur



All of the colors in this vivacious room emanate from the imaginative painting. The black and white wallpaper is dense and intricate which blends well as a backdrop for the artwork. The white ground of the embroidered yellow drapery works well with the solid orange chairs and hot pink throw pillows.

Tip:  Use artwork as a focal point for a room and select colors from the painting.

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189661York 113111Pindler & Plinder 186667Stroheim 176207Peking


Elegant chic contemporary home office interior

A strong repetitive wallpaper makes a statement on the walls whereas the complimentary color blue in the rug serves to ground the room. Both patterns are united by their colors with white lines.  Blue and Yellow are two of the primary colors and are a tried and true combination.

Tip:  Combine 2 strong patterns by using complimentary colors with similar designs and the same scale.

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186670Stroheim 262147Jaipur 203563Stout 161684Stroheim



The gray and yellow ethnic fabric on the sofa is the dominant pattern for this space. All pillows and colors revolve around it. The pillows are smaller scale designs with some of the same colors. Although the floor pattern is large, it showcases the love seat.

Tip:  Harmonize with a large pattern using smaller scale prints in the same colorways.
         Use a two toned large pattern to act as a background for the multi-colored one.

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