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How to Decorate with a Bold Statement Wallpaper

Have you ever come across a breath taking wallpaper pattern that you absolutely love, yet you’re not sure how you would ever decorate with it? Let us make it easy for you with these ideas on how to decorate with a statement wall covering.


When you’re covering a whole room in bold wallpaper, a good rule of thumb is to use similar colors in the rest of the space. You can still vary the prints, but using the same color keeps them from competing with the walls.

statement bold wallpaper interior decor cow parsley pink living room by designer melissa warner Source

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BREAK IT UPA strong print can be toned down by breaking it up into framed panels. This allows for more white space, which softens the look. You can run the panels across the entire room or do them on a single wall.

bold wallpaper interior decor yellow chinoiserie panels living room Source

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Neutrals always look good together, so a strong wallpaper print in those hues works wonderfully with (surprise!) variations of black and white! Add in some pops of metallic for a little more dimension, like this room does with the circular mirror and gold end table.

bold wallpaper black white interior decor living room interior decorSource

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Take those drab sliding closet doors to new levels by covering them in a special wallpaper like designer  Melissa Warner did in her apartment. It’s a great way to add just the right amount of color to a bedroom!

bold floral wallpaper on closet doors unique decorating ideas melissa warnerSource

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2 thoughts on “How to Decorate with a Bold Statement Wallpaper

  1. Great tips and advice! I find with wallpaper people are a little more nervous and are scared to even pair other patterns with it. But you definitely can! As you said as long as it’s in the same color family, tone or it matches whats in the room you can achieve the look.

    Thanks for sharing


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