dining room by Elsa Soyars Interior Design photo by Bob Frame

Exclusive Designer Tips: How to Stylishly Use Wallpaper in Your Home

Have you noticed how popular wallpaper is these days? We got the scoop from four talented interior designers on how to stylishly decorate with wall coverings in your home. Check it out:


“My inspiration for my previous bedroom all came from the ‘Zebras’ wallpaper by Scalamandre,” says Allen. “I had been obsessed with it forever.” Because this particular wallpaper is large in scale and so bold, Allen opted to decorate the rest of the room with similar shades of brown, then accent with bursts of orange from his vintage Hermes boxes.

Sam’s Tip: Don’t be afraid of a statement-making wallpaper. A graphic wall covering is inspiring and adds major interest to the room, so build your desired color scheme around it.”

Scalamandre Zebras Wallpaper Brown Bedroom Interior Design by Sam Allen ssePhotos by Hilmar Meyerbosse & Hilmar Meyerbosse

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Christine Gentile and team created a super glamorous spot to do laundry for the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island Project Design Showhouse. “Our mission was to make this laundry room as functional and cheerful as possible,” explains Gentile, whose inspiration for the room stemmed from the playful wallpaper and its fun color palette.

Christine’s Tip: “Small spaces are instantly transformed with wallpaper that either adds color or texture. Make sure you use a wallpaper that is appropriate for the space, though. Many clients want to use grass cloth, but do not realize it is not meant for wet/damp areas.”

Christine Gentile Interior Designer Head Shot Well Designed Laundry Room Glamorous Wallpaper by Christine GentilePhoto by Kimberly Gorman Muto

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The walls of Alex Papachristidis’ study are actually upholstered in the same fabric as the drapery and settee, but you can get the same look with matching wallpaper & fabric. “My apartment explodes with pattern and color,” explains Papachristidis, “I believe the most important place in the world is your own home, so my personal space is a reflection of how I like to live and what I value.”

Alex’s Tip: “If you use a matching print on the walls and elsewhere in the room, it’s important to get the balance right. Solid or more subtle prints make the design feel fresh and modern, even when the main pattern is quite traditional.”

Alex Papachristidis Itnerior Designer Head Shot

Home Office Photo Matching Wallpaper and Fabric Floral by Alex Papchristidis photo by Tra GiovanPhoto by Tria Giovan

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This neutral dining room’s textured floral wallpaper brings an element of sophistication to modern pieces. Soyars knew she wanted the walls to be the focus, so she kept most other patterns in the space small and understated, while accenting with silver accessories and traditional Chinese vases.
Elsa’s Tip: “Using wallpaper in a room with lots of white pieces creates drama. The right choice can do so much for the design of the room. Wallpaper signifies a well-finished and refined home–Like a classic designer suit, it’s a wonderful staple.”

 Elsa Soyars Interior Designer Head Shot

dining room by Elsa Soyars Interior Design photo by Bob FramePhoto by Bob Frame

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