Bedroom Interior Design by Barclay Butera Decor

Barclay Butera’s Exclusive Decorating Tips: How to Improve Your Decor with a Few Small Changes

Sometimes all a room needs is a small change to completely transform it. Acclaimed designer Barclay Butera gave us some tips on ways to revamp a room that don’t require too much time or money–it’s all about small changes that create maximum results.

Barclay Butera Headshot

Traditional rooms are great–“There’s nothing wrong with the standard,” says Barclay.  Sometimes you want to add something different, though. Here, Barclay has brought in some flair with a modernized damask accent wall, lucite table lamps and a shag rug.

Tip #1: “If your home has traditional decor, freshen it up by mixing in cool distinct pieces like a European stripe or something more modern. It’s all about the art of mixing.”

Bedroom Interior Design by Barclay Butera Decor

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Leopard and zebra are a reoccurring theme in Barclay’s work. Here, he brings life to this living room’s white color scheme with a zebra print rug. What’s more, it appears that Barclay installed shutters that conceal obtrusive air vents to make them blend seamlessly with the room’s decor rather than stand out as an eye sore. White duck fabric, which is what Barclay most likely used on this couch, is a terrific choice for sunlit rooms or anything by the beach–it resists fading and, if slip covered, it is washable.

Tip #2:  “When you feel like your décor needs extra punch, add an animal print rug or pillow.”

White Apartment Living Room Zebra Print Rug

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“I love a statement foyer,” Butera explains. “It is the first thing visitors see when they enter a home and it’s also their last impression, so go all out in this room.” Barclay was all about symmetry in this small yet dramatic space. We love that he balanced the Victorian-inspired seashell console tables and chandelier with a casual blue grasscloth wallpaper, which he used on both the walls and the ceiling. The combination of the watery blue walls and the shells evokes a feeling of being on the beach.

Tip #3: “Lighting is very important. Blow out a foyer with an amazing chandelier, and add a dimmer switch to it. It allows you to create different moods depending on the occasion.”

Hamptons Showhouse Foyer Interior Decor by Barclay Butera Designer

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Speaking of grasscloth, the neutral version on these walls makes this master bedroom feel like a tropical retreat. What’s interesting is that the color and texture of the floor are a near match to the walls, which gives the space an airy feeling. He grounds this with a solid blue rug that ties into the bedding and pillows.

Tip #4: “If you haven’t already, think luxury for your master bedroom. It should be the sanctuary of the home, don’t skimp on the extras like fresh flowers, personal well-framed photographs and skip the electronics when you can. It’s your place to turn off and tune out!”

Master Bedroom by Barclay Butera Interior Design Decor

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All Photos Courtesy of Barclay Butera

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