Elsa Soyars Green Animal Print Bathroom Interior Decor

How to Accessorize a Room: Exclusive Tips from Designers

Finishing touches and accessories are absolutely key to making a room feel complete. This week in our Summer Designer Tips Series, four master decorators give us must-know pointers on how to expertly finish a room with details:

Jennifer Cohler Mason, J. Cohler Mason Design

Designer Jennifer Cohler Mason brought major wow factor to the room she decorated at last year’s Holiday House NYC, in which she gave attention to even the smallest of elements. From the punchy Andy Warhol-esque artwork above the mantle (by Deborah Kiss)  to the embellishment on the drapery, the space sings with a luxuriousness that shows care was taken with each and every selection, right down to the most minute detail.

Jennifer’s Tip: “A room’s finishing details are similar to adding jewelry to an outfit. Pillows should always have some sort of trim detail such as a tape or welt and window treatments look more finished when a trim is added to the leading edge of a curtain.”

Jennifer Cohler Mason Interior Designer

Jennifer Cohler Mason Living Room Blue Silver Metallic Interior Decor by Brett BeyerPhoto Credit: Marco Ricca


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Daniel Park, Daniel Park Design

Daniel Park’s design at this year’s Lenox Hill Hospital Inaugural Designer Show House in NYC felt warm, inviting and very cohesive. The room’s inspiration came from an abstract oil on canvas painting that had a metallic sheen and sophisticated movement. Daniel built the space around this piece, bringing in colors that complemented the artwork as well as lots of metallic/glittering accessories, like the crystal beading on the pillows and studs on the sofa.

Daniel’s Tip: “When decorating a room, think about all of the components regarding the layout, furnishings and accessories at the same time.  Analyze the relationships of all the details together in order to visualize the power of the end result.”

Daniel Park Interior Design Head Shot


Daniel Park Design - Lenox Hill Designer Showhouse Living Room Interior Decor

Daniel Park Design Crystal Embellished Pillows Interior DecorPhoto Credit: Dario Calmese

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Elsa Soyars, Elsa Soyars Interior Design Ltd.

Elsa Soyars views finishing touches as essential to completing a room. Here, she began a bathroom design for the 2014 Hamptons Designer Show House with a very classic & versatile canvas.  “I wanted to bring a playful attitude–the art was crucial, and so were the accessories,” explains Soyars. From the emerald green rug to the cheerful pillows, this room lets the added embellishments do the talking.

Elsa’s Tip: “Make the foundation of the décor classic, then create a style with the details so that you can change the look/style of the room easily. In this room, if I took it all away, we would have a classic tailored bathroom, ready for a completely different look.”

Elsa Soyars Interior Designer Head Shot

Elsa Soyars Green Animal Print Bathroom Interior DecorPhoto Credit: Eric Striffler

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Gary McBournie, Gary McBournie Inc.

Whether designing a small study or a grand bedroom, Gary McBournie always layers details to make the space special. Here, he considered the impact that even the finest points make, like the trim on the bed skirt, headboard and desk’s seating. He also brought life to a grasscloth wall with a rich tapestry, which would have otherwise felt empty.

Gary’s Tip: “I like to refer to finishing touches as the ‘final layer’–make it personal by including things like favorite books on the nightstand, family photos on the end tables and/or bookcases and personal artwork.”

Gary McBournie Interior Designer Head Shot Photo by Nathan Coe

Photo Credit: Nathan Coy

Gary McBournie Interior Decor Bedroom Orange GrassclothPhoto Credit: Gordon Beall

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