Mood Board Monday: Spring Break Inspiration



Inspiration: Today we’re pining to be one of those spring breakers soaking up some sun on the beach. Wouldn’t it be nice to jet off to a tropical resort, sip fruity drinks with Tiki umbrellas and go scuba diving?

Get the Look: Bring the beach to your home with bright floral, tie dye, and sunset-inspired patterns. A quick way to do this is with pillows or a rug. Grasscloth wallpaper is also a great way to get a laid-back coastal look. Fill your room with some of these items, blend your own margarita and kick back!

1. Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper – Basket Case – Khaki

2. Jaipur Pillow – MA02 Kamala

3. Peking Handicraft Pillow – City Inspire Needlepoint Palm Orange

4. Surya Rug – RAI1136

5. Jaipur Pillow – AGA05 – Asgar Yellow/Ivory

6. York Border- Jungle Tree Trunk

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