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Mood Board Monday: What to Do with Leftover Wallpaper

wallpaper decor


Ever wonder what to do with left over wallpaper? Give your space a creative boost by using it in an unexpected way. You can make it work for just about anything: the back of shelves, photo frames or even book coverings. Check out our tips below.

Get the Look:

  • Create an art gallery wall using bold striped wallpaper for your photo frames
  • Make your old coffee table a focal point by adding wallpaper to the sides or top
  • Wrap you favorite books in wallpaper– Use different patterns so you know which book is your current read
  • Wrap wallpaper around an empty can or tin for stylish stationery  storage
  • Add wallpaper to your lampshade, swapping it out for a different color or pattern when the seasons change

1. Cole & Son- Hicks Hexagon Black/G

2. Stroheim Wallpaper  – RAJ II –  Sky Blue

3. Clarke & Clarke – Delphine – Raspberry

4. Ralph Lauren Wallpaper- Island Stripe – Boaters Blue

5. Lee Jofa – Shell We Hotty Pink

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