Mood Board Monday: Bird & Nature-Inspired Decor


Inspiration: Why are we so inspired by these feathered creatures? When they begin to fly from branch to branch and sing cheerful tunes, it means that spring is coming! And it’s not just us…bird patterns are the top pick among our customers, too!

Get the Look: Use fun & whimsical bird-inspired wallpaper and fabric to add a free-spirited look to your space. There are a wide variety of bird patterns that will work with both bright and neutral hues, so don’t be afraid to play with color. Either way, you can bring on spring with some of our selections here!

1. Schumacher Wallpaper – Oiseaux et Fleurs – Cinnabar

2. York Wallpaper – Tropical Birds w/ Magnolias

3. Schumacher Fabric – Bali Vine Chartreuse

4. Greenhouse Fabric – GH A1586 – Radicchio

5. Schumacher Wallpaper – A-Twitter – Summer

6. Ryan Studio Pillow – Peacock

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