Spring Color Report


2014 Spring Color Newsletter Intro
Dazzling Blue Dining Room Decor

Falling somewhere between navy and cobalt, Spring’s #1 color, “Dazzling Blue,” is both rich and vivacious. If the color looks familiar to you, it should—the hue shares a likeness with Facebook’s logo. Take on the shade in your home by pairing it with whites, golds and oranges. It looks especially opulent in a dining room.

28696 5 0
93 13043 CS
94 8044 CS
Celosia Orange Bedroom Decor Imperial Trellis

Bring some optimism into your home this spring with pops of cheerful “Celosia Orange.” This color is bold, but has a peachy undertone that gives it softness, much like a sunset. Incorporate the shade into a room as an accent against neutrals like dove grey and cream.

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2012119 12 0
Woodland WP - Spice
W3094 12 0
Violet Tulip Room Decor

Designers tend to gravitate towards pastels as the weather warms, and this year is no exception. “Violet Tulip,” a color that could be described as a vivid pastel, brings a little more oomph to decor than the traditional lavender. Use it in a floral or on-trend ikat and pair it with soft sage tones.

Secret Romance - Wisteria
Wild Fern WP - Heather
Wisteria - Mauve
82 3006 CS
Hula - Damson
freesia interior decor the vase wallpaper

“Freesia” is a color that will bring a ray of sunshine into your home. Summoning thoughts of cloudless spring days, this bright yet pleasant hue works best in small doses. Try it on an accent wall or bring warmth to light shining through your windows by using it as drapery.

Pdl 2463-Daffodil
Pdl 4167-Citrine
Pdl 4301-Lemongrass
New Vase Linen - Lemon
PW78016 8 0
66 7051 CS

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