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Lee Jofa Royal Oak Collection

In honor of the Royal Oak Foundation’s 40th anniversary, Lee Jofa has added to its current collection of fabrics that celebrates its British heritage. Patterns featuring rich depictions of English country life, multi-colored damasks & Jacobean florals were made in partnership with the non-profit organization that conserves historic houses and gardens in England.

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2013136 950 0
2013135 730 0
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2008155 225 0
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Stroheim Southampton Collection

Inspired by and named after the vibrant English city of Southampton, Stroheim’s stately collection of fabrics reflects the historical culture of this major seaport with loose painterly Jacobean prints, wide scale-stripes and structured plaids. The deep smoke and burgundy hues give any space an aire of British masculinity suitable for any bloke.

pemberly charcoal
morland madder
tilney stripe willow
federica primrose
middleton bordeaux
pemberly primrose
dashwood raspberry
York Roses Collection

York’s Georgetown Roses wallpaper collection transports you to the English countryside with patterns that emulate the beautiful gardens of “holiday” cottages. Pastel Neoclassical, small-print and trail florals provide a breath of fresh air to a space and are complemented by scroll damasks and wide pinstripes.

Cole & Son Banbury Wallpaper Collection

Cole & Son’s Banbury collection draws upon its British heritage, taking classic archival patterns dating back to the 1850s and recoloring them for the modern home. Ranging from rustic to regal, prints with star-shaped medallions, clean trellises and dainty florals bring contemporary English charm to any room.

91 7030 CS
91 1001 CS
91 3008 CS
91 5021 CS
91 11048 CS
91 6024 CS
91 9038 CS
91 2006 CS

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