Exclusive Interview: 3 Design Secrets from Tilton Fenwick

Exclusive Interview: 3 Design Secrets from Tilton Fenwick

Meeting Tilton Fenwick’s dynamic duo Suysel dePedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster at the Duralee NYC Design Studio was a real treat! Selected in 2011 by TradHome as one of the Top 20 Young Designers, the women have been on the interior design fast track to success ever since. This includes a collaboration with Duralee for a new fabric collection, into which these ladies put an enormous amount of heart, soul and time. Anne became pregnant while they were working on the collection, and had her beautiful baby before it was released. ” The human gestation period is a lot shorter than the textile gestation period!” exclaimed Suysel.

Tilton Fenwick PhotoPhoto by Francesco Lagnese

 Inspiration for the line came from a trip to Majorca, Spain with their husbands. Everything from the exotic flowers to the sun washed colors of the country were influencers.  Rocat, the cornerstone pattern of their collection, reflects the essence of their hotel, Cap Rocat (once a medieval fortress), and its breath-taking landscape.

From this initial inspiration came the idea to update the look of European and French Provincial-inspired fabrics. Tilton Fenwick’s goal was to create patterns that look like they came from a variety of resources and that could work in a multitude of ways together, providing an unlimited amount of combinations.

Tilton Fenwick Fabric Collection for Duralee Interior Decor

Tilton Fenwick Duralee Fabric - SISSY - CACTUS 21081-343
Duralee Fabric – SISSY – CACTUS
Duralee Fabric - CHILVERS - MINT/RED 21085-223
Duralee Fabric – CHILVERS – MINT/RED
Duralee Fabric - GENIESSE - SEA GREEN 21080-250
Duralee Fabric – GENIESSE – SEA GREEN
Duralee Fabric - ZULLA - MULTI 21075-215
Duralee Fabric – ZULLA – MULTI 21075-215
Duralee Fabric - ADAMS - AQUA/GREEN 15632-601
Duralee Fabric – ADAMS – AQUA/GREEN 15632-601

Tilton Fenwick embodies the spirit of the young designer.  They combine traditional elements in a young and fresh way and are quite social media savvy. They believe that their creative process is enriched by collaborating on all projects and sharing within the interior designer community. They even share their ideas & tradesmen! Several patterns, in fact, are named after their colleagues.

Whittaker is named for Ashley Whitaker

Duralee Fabric - Whittaker - Blue/Green 15622-601
Duralee Fabric – Whittaker – Blue/Green

Gideon is named for Gideon Mendelson

Tilton Fenwick Duralee Fabric - Gideon - Rose 15635-17
Duralee Fabric – Gideon – Rose

Olsen is named for Nick Olsen

Tilton Fenwick Duralee Fabric - Olsen - Sapphire 15630-54
Duralee Fabric – Olsen – Sapphire 15630-54

In our exclusive interview, Suysel and Anne shared secrets on how to achieve some of their signature looks:

1. Put Fabric on the Walls

“We love fabric on walls. It provides texture and warmth to a room.” In Suysel’s bedroom below (featured in Traditional Home), the ladies of Tilton Fenwick upholstered the walls with Armstrong in Sea Green. They recommend contacting ProSeal or The CLI Group (Custom Laminations) to help you turn a fabulous fabric into wallpaper.

Tilton Fenwick Traditional Home Feature Interior Decor FabricSuysel’s Bedroom designed by Tilton Fenwick featured in this month’s Traditional Home

2. Fabrics Can be Used in a Multitude of Ways

This sofa uses Rocat traditionally by upholstering the couch in the entire pattern, but you can also use it in different ways—The stripe in Rocat can be used as a border for a headboard, drapery or bed skirt. The pattern can even work as pillow welting or peek-a-boo interior pleats, like on the bedskirt below.

Tilton Fenwick Sofa Duralee Fabric

Duralee Fabric Tilton fenwick ROCAT - CACTUS 21079-343
Duralee Fabric – ROCAT – CACTUS
Duralee Fabric - BUHRMASTER - AQUA/GREEN 15627-601

Tilton Fenwick Bedroom Bedskirt

3. Details! Details! Details!

“Details are what make great design complete.” Suysel & Anne upholstered a vintage chair seat in a patterned fabric and used the same complimentary stripe that’s on the wall as an accent (sewed on the bias). They also used Buhrmaster, a solid pattern, as welting along the seat’s edges.

Tilton Fenwick Chair with Duralee Fabric Collection

Tilton Fenwick Duralee Fabric - SCOUT - CURRANT 32695-338
Duralee Fabric – SCOUT – CURRANT
Tilton Fenwick Duralee Fabric - ARMSTRONG - SEA GREEN 15634-250
Duralee Fabric – ARMSTRONG – SEA GREEN

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Tilton Fenwick for Duralee

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