Pantone Color of the Year Inspiration: Radiant Orchid

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Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid Sitting Room

Radiant Orchid, the shade that the Pantone Color Institute has deemed the Color of 2014, “blooms with confidence and magical warmth.” Take the intriguing hue head-on by using it in an ombre pattern like Highland Court’s Dusk Stripe, playing on its many complex shades.

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Pantone Radiant Orchid Interior Decor Color of the Year Living Room

If you favor classics, you can still participate in the Radiant Orchid trend. The color gives traditional spaces a lively update with pops of it on pillows, lampshades or an ottoman. For the cooler months, stick with richer textures like velvet (Majestic Velvet works well), and consider throwing in a pattern, like a small ikat.

Pdl 2675-Orchid
800256H-88 Champagne
Pdl 4285-Plum
Radiant Orchid Decor Color Wheel Green

Who knew that Radiant Orchid and Apple Green were a match made in heaven?! Interior designer Tom Scheerer says, “Good color schemes always have complementary colors…Often it will be from the opposite spot on the color wheel.” Enhance the hue of 2014 with a pattern that has both colors like Highland Court’s Peace – Cactus.

Pdl 1888-Orchid
Cole and Son Orchid Wallpaper Decor

You may decorate your way to a promotion by using Radiant Orchid in your home office—Pantone’s Executive Director Leatrice Eisman says, “It’s the color that speaks to creativity, enhances the feeling of being more innovative, and that is so important in today’s life.” Kickstart your move up with Cole & Son’s Orchid wallpaper.

ultra velvet - royal blue

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2 thoughts on “Pantone Color of the Year Inspiration: Radiant Orchid

  1. Aside form the fact that I have orchids in my house this exact colour, I have to say i’m a fan. Granted its not the most masculine of shades, but its more gender neutral than pink and its not as imposing as bright reds and oranges and gives off a beautiful subtle warmth. The perfect accent colour. Painted furniture or stunning chairs upholstered in this colour would make real features in a room. The colour could then be continued throughout the room with accessories, such as orchids, cushions, glass etc.

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