Home Alone movie house

#ThrowbackThursday: The Decor of Home Alone

It’s #ThrowbackThursday, everyone! Who could forget the 90s holiday classic, Home Alone starring a young, mischeveous Macaulay Culkin?!

The McCallister home, a star itself in the movie, has garnered our attention since the movie was released. Most of the film was shot in a grand 1921 two story, 5 bedroom house in Winnetka, Illinois.

Home Alone movie house

The house’s decor for Home Alone, designed by Eve Cauley and Daniel B. Clancy, is a festive delight of red and green, setting the perfect tone for the movie. One of the first shots we see of the house is the foyer, which features a regal damask wallpaper. Director Chris Columbus said, “We intended the film to feel like Christmas, so we filled the house with greens and reds. I wanted the house to feel like a warm place.” (hookedonhouses.net)

Home Alone Movie Decor Foyer

To the left of the foyer are both the living and family rooms, all of which maintain the cheerful color scheme.

Home Alone Movie Decor - Foyer

Stroheim & Romann Wallpaper - Wethers Nonwoven - Cranberry 6151003Stroheim Wallpaper

The living room, much like the rest of the home, is traditional in style. Matching green damask curtains & sofa, Christmas wreath wallpaper, and a classic floral chair are a perfect backdrop for a Christmas tree and sibling ruckus between Kevin & his older brother Buzz.

Home Alone Movie Decor - Living Room

Beacon Hill Fabric - Lady Slipper - Tourmaline

Beacon Hill FabricFabricut Fabric Evansville Vintage 3702101Fabricut Fabric

living room home alone movie interior decor

Kravet Wallpaper - W3021-19Kravet Wallpaper

Kravet Fabric - 22496-540Kravet Fabric

Upstairs, we see the same green walls as in the family room.

Kevins House Home Alone Upstairs Hallway Decor

Cole & Son Wallpaper - Aldwych Green & Gold 94_5028_CSCole & Son Wallpaper

Buzz’s room is a model for every teenage boy, with a subtle stripe wallpaper used as a canvas for sports posters & toy guns. The shelves house all of Buzz’s most prized possessions…that is until Kevin causes the whole system to collapse from climbing on it.

Buzz's Room Home Alone Decor

Home Alone Movie Decor Buzzs Bedroom

Baker Lifestyle Wallpaper - Tasie Stripe - Cherry/Denim/Buttermilk PW78016_3_0Baker Lifestyle Wallpaper

The McCallister parents’ bedroom is Kevin’s home base once he’s left to fend for himself against the two “Wet Bandits,” Harry & Marv. Can you tell that this family likes wallpaper?

Kevin-in-his-parents-bedroom-Home-Alonestroheim wallpaper red floral stripe 2670E CHRISTOPHE - S0333 ScarletStroheim Wallpaper

The kitchen, where the family hectically eats their pizza and Kevin spills Pepsi everywhere, has a colonial feel to it with striped wallpaper that looks like its been stamped to the wall by hand.

Home Alone Movie Decor - Kitchen Kevin's House

Stroheim & Romann Wallpaper - Monique - Red 6332603Stroheim Wallpaper

HAPPY #ThrowbackThursday!!

Kevin Face Home Alone Movie

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4 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: The Decor of Home Alone

  1. I have been looking for the designer of the wallpaper in the first home alone movie any help would be appreciated. The paper in the foyer of the house is what I was looking for. I have been looking at stroheim & romann or brewster . How would I find the pattern?

  2. Susan, we’re not sure what exact wallpaper pattern was in the Home Alone house. In this post, we’ve put our suggestions of what looks the most similar to the wallpapers from the movie. Because it has been such a long time since Home Alone 1 was made, these patterns have most likely been discontinued.

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