DIY Christmas Decorations - designer fabric stockings

5 Last-Minute DIY Christmas Decorations

Ready for the holidays yet? Deck your halls with these 5 easy DIY Christmas decorations:

1. Designer Stockings

Make your hearth chic this Christmas season by sewing stockings in popular designer patterns like Kelly Wearstler’s Imperial Trellis & Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon. Use this printable pattern and tutorial for sewing the stockings.

DIY Christmas Decorations - designer fabric stockings

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Schumacher Fabric - Chiang Mai Dragon - Aquamarine 173270Schumacher Fabric Schumacher Fabric - Imperial Trellis - Treillage Ivory 2643763Schumacher Fabric - Imperial Trellis - Treillage Ivory 2643763 Schumacher Fabric  Schumacher Fabric - Imperial Trellis - Parchment Midnight 2643760Schumacher Fabric Groundworks Fabric - Bengal Bazaar - Grey/Indigo GWF-2811_511_0Schumacher Fabric

2. Framed Wallpaper/Fabric Ornaments

Scraps of leftover fabric & wallpaper look charming when tucked into small metal frames. Attach decorative string to the back of the frame and hang them on the tree!

DIY Christmas Decorations - Wallpaper Ornaments

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Robert Allen Fabric - Medallion Band - MineralRobert Allen Fabric Robert Allen Fabric - Mum Floral - HydrangeaRobert Allen Fabric Greenhouse Fabric - 98841 - LacquerGreenhouse Fabric

3. Eco-Friendly, Fashion-Forward Gift Wrap

Wrapping gifts in fabric is no new fad. The Japanese have been doing it for ages and call it furoshiki–the art of wrapping gifts in cloth. Secure ends by tying a knot or using a safety pin. You’ll be able to reuse these for years to come!

DIY Christmas Decorations - Fabric Gift Wrap

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Duralee Fabric

Stout Fabric - BETA - TurquoiseStout Fabric

Stout Fabric - Darby - Wine Stout Fabric


4. Advent Calendar

December just started, so you still have plenty of time to make an advent calendar to count down the days until the 25th! Using pretty fabric (perfect use for extra scraps of patterns), cut out the shape of a house and sew the roof and body of the house together/connect it with iron-on trim. Sew on buttons and fasten 24 tiny gifts wrapped in fabric to the calendar with twine. The best part is that the calendar can do double duty–use it for post cards and small notes throughout the rest of the year.

DIY Christmas Decorations - Fabric Advent Calendar

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Clarke & Clarke Fabric - Ditsy Rose - HeatherClarke & Clarke Fabric Duralee Fabric - 15373-407 PorcelainDuralee Fabric Greenhouse Fabric - 70712 - IvoryGreenhouse Fabric

5. Decorative Candy Cane Centerpiece

Mold tin foil into the shape of a candy cane and wrap it in a red & white fabric–we like a check or stripe–for a rustic look. Secure the ends with a dot of fabric glue and place them in a decorative jar.

DIY Christmas Decorations

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Pindler & Pindler Fabric - Calverton - Red Pdl 2345-RedPindler & Pindler Fabric Pindler & Pindler Fabric - Bentley - Crimson Pdl 7975-CrimsonPindler & Pindler Fabric

Pdl 3450-PoppyPindler & Pindler Fabric

Pdl 3982-CardinalPindler & Pindler Fabric

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