Alessandra Branca Fabric for Schumacher

Fall Market Sneak Peek!

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Market Week is just getting started, and we got a sneak peek into some of the latest collections from top designers and manufacturers. Get an exclusive look:

Alessandra Branca Fabric for Schumacher

Noted designer Alessandra Branca’s new fabric collection for Schumacher brings a modern point of view to classical toile, damask, and floral patterns by injecting them with vibrant hues, including her signature reds and blacks. Branca wanted to create “a collection of great quality and craftsmanship – one which my children would want and my grandchildren would be happy to inherit.” We love the timeless beauty of Anna Damask.

Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Coromandel - Rouge Noir175480
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Llndienne Rouge Noir 175510
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Branca Stripe - Rouge 68311
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Elizabeth - Rouge Grey 175500
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Anna Damask - Greige 68430
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Continenti - Noir Rouge 175470
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Melograno - Fuchsia Grey 175451
Alessandra Branca Schumacher Fabric - Alexander Tartan - Fuchsia 68322

Check Out More Market Week Exclusives:

Aerin Lauder Fabric for Kravet

In addition to being Style & Image Director for Estée Lauder and running her own brand, Aerin Lauder has recently created a fabulous fabric collection for Lee Jofa. “Beauty is my heritage, but home decor is very much my passion,” says Aerin. The line, featuring bold geometrics and soft florals like Meadowood, reflects her lifestyle—effortless and contemporary—and her passion for art, travel, fashion and design.

Aerin Lauder Lee Jofa Fabric - Noyak Dusk Blue 2013117_15_0
Aerin Lauder Lee Jofa Fabric - Mirasol - Prussian 2013128_50
Aerin Lauder Lee Jofa Fabric - Kenlyn Blue Tan - 2013123_516_0
Aerin Lauder Lee Jofa Fabric - Shoridge - Lapis 2013115_50_0
Clarke & Clarke Wild Garden Wallpaper Collection

Creating a lush garden with bountiful foliage no longer requires a green thumb thanks to Clarke & Clarke’s new Wild Garden wallpaper collection! Bright floral and fern designs like Foxglove as well as garden trellis and faux bois patterns quickly transform any room into a natural oasis. Stay tuned for the launch of matching fabrics in January!

Botanica WP - Raspberry
Lattice WP - Citrus
Woodland WP - Raspberry
Wild Fern WP - Citrus
Andrew Martin Museum Wallpaper Collection

As educational as it is unique, Andrew Martin’s latest collection of wallpapers takes you on a tour through a museum, with trompe l’oeil prints depicting photography, natural history and art. These designs beg to be used as a feature wall. We like the thought of using Cargo, a pattern with hand painted ceramic plates, in a dining room for a playful twist.

Cargo - Blue_Grey
Gallery - Taupe
Pinboard - Multi
Ark - Cloud
Rockefeller - Multi
Studio - Charcoal
Gallery - Red
Pinboard - Charcoal
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