S. Harris Isaac Mizrahi Collection

DecoratorsBest Welcomes Stroheim, S. Harris & Vervain!

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Isaac Mizrahi for S Harris Interior Decor

When designers are looking for innovative, high-end patterns, they come to S. Harris. Known for partnering with contemporary icons from the fashion, art and entertainment worlds, S. Harris is ideal for both experienced and amateur decorators who want something different. We especially love Isaac Mizrahi’s collection, featuring patterns with bright colors and rich textures like Welcomeflower.

Issac Mizrahi for S. Harris Super Chintz Ultra Violet Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Issac Mizrahi for S. Harris Waterwave Purple Sage Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Issac Mizrahi for S. Harris Schrafts Green Glow Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Rumplemeyers Silver Lining
Issac Mizrahi for S. Harris Welcomeflower Seagrass Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Van Gogh Verdi
Issac Mizrahi for S. Harris Glow Stripe Dahlia Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Issac Mizrahi for S. Harris Spectrum Plaid Orchid Fabric at DecoratorsBest

More Decorating Ideas:

Stroheim Fabric Wallpaper Interior Decor

Known for its traditional and ornate designs, Stroheim fabrics & wallpapers add a luxurious element to any space. Their classic designs in striped, floral, brocade and damask patterns grace the homes of elite clientele around the world. We recommend Harcourt, a versatile floral wallpaper with subtle beauty.

Stroheim Fabric Chiavari Spearmint
Stroheim Fabric Araca Poolside at DecoratorsBest
Stroheim Fabric Jasper at DecoratorsBest
Stroheim Fabric Mapuche Honeysuckle at DecoratorsBest
Stroheim Wallpaper 2670E Christophe S0333 Scarlet
Stroheim Wallpaper Gilbert Ebony
Stroheim Wallpaper Vincent Garnet
Stroheim Wallpaper Chapman Nonwoven Fawn
Vervain Fabric Interior Decor

Striking a perfect balance between modern and traditional, Vervain revamps document & archival patterns in a multitude of colorways. Their statement prints and woven fabrics combine luxury and artistic romance for a truly vibrant style. We like Cacao Vine, a unique interpretation of the chocolate-producing plant that adds visual interest without overpowering a room.

Chambri Coral
Deco Persimmon
Palemporia On Linen Bamboo
Kariba Spanish Olive
Pasha Ombre
Ishtar Brown
Pattaya Coral
Carina Lavender
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