Art & Textiles: Art Inspired Fabrics

Lauder Art Collection New York Times
The Typographer, Fernande Legér 1917-18
Leonard Lauder Collection

Inspired by cosmetics magnate Leonard Lauder’s extraordinary gift of his Cubist collection this week to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, we’ve been thinking about the strong correlation between works of art and fabric design. In honor of this monumental gift, we’ve selected some of our favorite Cubist designs that will invigorate any décor.

Cubist Art Movement 1907- 1920’s

Originating in Paris in 1907 and spearheaded by Pablo Picasso and Geoerge Braque, the Cubist movement embraced a fragmented three-dimensional style utilizing multiple viewpoints. Revolutionizing the art world, this style led to the development of abstract art.

Decorators Best Cubist Art Movement Inspired Decor Clarence
Le fumeur, Fernand Legér 1914
Leonard Lauder Collection

Artist, textile designer, and Art Director of Clarence House, Kazumi Yoshida shares Lauder’s appreciation for Cubist art and draws inspiration from the Cubist movement for many of his designs. Framed and hung on the wall or upholstered onto accent chairs, these attention grabbing velvets and printed linens will turn any space into a live-in art gallery.

Clarence House Arboles Beige Fabric 34417-1
Clarence House’s Arboles – Beige Fabric
Decorators Best Clarence House Ellington Green Fabric 34517-3
Clarence House’s Ellington – Green Fabric
Decorators Best Clarence House Fabric Fernand Original 34569-1
Clarence House’s Fernand – Original Fabric

Love Yoshida’s work? You can have an original Kazumi Yoshida tapestry! Made to order, this one-of-a-kind hand woven tapestry is a rare and fantastical addition to your home:

Clarence House Kazumi Yoshida Tapestry Metropolitan 11111-3
Kazumi Yoshida’s Metropolitan Tapestry


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