Lavender: The New Grey

Soft and regal, pale shades of purple are quickly becoming a leading trend in interior design this year.  For Spring 2013, designers and style-makers alike are using lavender instead of grey or silver as a neutral base to tie together the many colorful accents throughout a room. Give your decor a tranquil and sophisticated makeover with these ideas for incorporating the popular pastel:

Lavender & Aqua

Lavender behaves like a soft grey when surrounded by bright colors and patterns. Recreate this cheerful living room with soft purple and aqua fabrics in solid and geometric patterns.

Decorators Best Lavender Fabrics Pastel Interior Design Ideas Spring Decor
Photo via House Of Turquoise
Clarke And Clarke Fabric Linoso Lavender F045320
Clarke & Clarke’s Linoso – Lavender Fabric
Eileen Kathryn Boyd Duralee Fabric 15364 241 Wisteria
Duralee’s 15364 – 241 Wisteria Fabric
Fabricut Fabric Altima Aqua 2123957
Fabricut’s Altima – Aqua Fabric
Schumacher Fabric Studio Bon Ric Rac Pool
Schumacher’s Studio Bon Ric Rac – Pool Fabric

Lavender & Periwinkle Blue

Anchor your decor with pale purple and lavender drapes, letting the soft glow created by these two-tone curtains enhance the purple tones of a shell colored chenille sofa. Pair together lavender and sky blue fabrics for a cool and relaxing vibe.

Decorators Best Lavender Fabrics Chenille Velvet Pastel Interior Decor Ideas
Photo via Shelterness
Fabricut Fabric Striped Cotton Awning Purple 0350605
Fabricut’s Cotton Awning – Purple Fabric
Robert Allen Upholstery Fabric Whitehurst Viola
Robert Allen Whitehurst – Viola Fabric
BBerger Sutton Plaid Collection 601141 Lavender
B.Berger’s 6011 – 41 Lavender Fabric
Duralee Hollis Suedes Fabric 14041-59 Sky Blue
Duralee’s 14041 – 59 Sky Blue Fabric
Pindler And Pindler Fabric Callahan 2381 Periwinkle
Pindler & Pindler Callahan – Periwinkle Fabric

Pale Pink & Purple

Like a grey background, lavender wallpaper and drapes give this room a relaxed atmosphere and keep the pale pink sofa from appearing too feminine. A lilac silhouette wallpaper tempers the cream and shell fabrics.

Decorators Best Lavender Wallpaper Spring Fabrics Interior Design Ideas
Photo via Shelterness
Schumacher Wallpaper Shantung Silhouette Print Wisteria 5005152
Schumacher’s Shantung Silhouette Print – Wisteria Wallpaper
Beacon Hill Silk Hues Fabrics Bubble Wrap Shell
Beacon Hill’s Bubble Wrap – Shell Fabric
Fabricut Linen Fabric Patron Cream 3403911
Fabricut’s Patron – Cream Fabric
Clarke And Clarke Fabric Tilda Heather F051101
Clarke & Clarke’s Tilda – Heather Fabric
Duralee Eileen Kathryn Boyd Drapery Fabric 15396-43 Lavender
Duralee’s 15396 – 43 Lavender Fabric

Use lavender fabrics and wallpapers instead of grey for fresh and colorful decor! Shop lavender fabrics and wallpapers online at!

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One thought on “Lavender: The New Grey

  1. Thanks for highlighting the color lavender. You are absolutely right that it has become a “neutral” as of late. Two years ago I painted my living room the most delectable shade of lavender/lilac I could find, Benjamin Moore’s “Peace and Happiness”. Back then I was a little “out there” as lavender was an odd color. Glad to see that it has become more mainstream! Here’s a link if you’d like to take a peek:

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