Pastel Green Interior Decor Mint Robin's Egg Blue Ideas Inspiration

Dessert-Inspired Decor

Pastel confections sure are pretty (and yummy), which is why this week we’ve decided to draw inspiration from the tasty treats!  From light green frosting to blush pink macaroons, we’ve got matching decor ideas that are sweet enough to eat. Check them out:

THE SWEET: Rainbow-Frosted Cupcakes

Pastel Cupcakes Desserts
Photo via

THE ROOM:  This color palette of pastel pink, mint green, and baby blue is perfect for a serene reading nook. Tie the colors together with striped fabric containing two or more of the shades.

Pastel Green Interior Decor Mint Robin's Egg Blue Ideas Inspiration
Photo via
Fabricut Fabric Articulate Sky FbC 1501849 Light Blue
Fabricut Fabric – Articulate – Sky
Duralee Fabric 32081 Lime Green and White Stripe
Duralee Fabric – 32081 – Lime
Duralee Fabric 71038 518 Rosewood Pink Orange Yellow Blue Stripe
Duralee Fabric – 71038 – Rosewood

THE SWEET: Macaroons

Photo via

THE ROOM: A sophisticated living area gets a modern twist with a mix of soft textures and sherbet colors.

Pastel Pink And Orange Interior Decor Ideas Inspiration Spring 2013
Photo via
Schumacher Giordano Taffeta Cameo 63991 Pastel Orange Fabric
Schumacher Fabric – Giordano Taffeta – Cameo
Fabricut Fabric Visitor Blush Light Pink3404310
Fabricut Fabric – Visitor – Blush
Ryan Studio Pillow Malacca Vine Watermelon
Ryan Studio Pillow – Malacca Vine – Watermelon

THE SWEET: Lemon Chiffon Cake

Lemon Chiffon Cake
Photo via

THE ROOM: Brighten up your living room with a soft version of lemon yellow, and keep the look fresh with a couple pops of pale green.

Light Yellow Pastel Interior Decor
Photo via
Duralee 15394-268 Canary Light Yellow Fabric
Duralee Fabric – 15394 – Canary
Kravet Hatteras Butter 32340-114 Pastel Yellow Linen Fabric
Kravet Fabric – Hatteras – Butter
Kravet Fabric 30787-313 Pastel Green
Kravet Fabric – 30787 – 313

THE SWEET: Multi-Tiered Lavender Wedding Cake

pastel purple tiered cake flowers
Photo via

THE ROOM: A monochromatic lavender room is elegant. Damask wallpaper and floral pillows combined with varying shades of pastel purple is both interesting and peaceful.

Purple Pastel Living Room Damask Wallpaper Velvet Couch
Photo via
Document Damask BD9173 York Wallpaper Pastel Purple
York Wallpaper – Document Damask – BD9173
Pastel Purple Fabric Greenhouse 98606 Lavender
Greenhouse Fabric – 98606 – Lavender
Pastel Duralee Fabrics 15361-43 Lavender
Duralee Fabrics 15361 – Lavender

3 thoughts on “Dessert-Inspired Decor

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I am redecorating this year and going pastel instead of dark. Great ideas here that I will definitely use. Thank you!

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