Oscar Worthy Decor: Behind The Scenes Of The 2013 Greenroom

When we think about the Oscars we envision endless yards of silk taffeta, brilliant jewels, and of course, a red carpet. What we almost never think about is the lounge where our favorite celebrities wait before going on stage, the Greenroom at the Oscars. This year’s Oscars Greenroom featured a masculine interpretation of 1930s Hollywood. In her efforts to “capture a little bit of that glamour, and that magic, and that wonder that is the Academy Awards,” designer Madeline Stuart used leather wall coverings, polished black wood floors, and layers of luxurious Schumacher fabrics.

greenroom2Photo via Architectural Digest

Bring out your inner silver screen starlet and recreate this sophisticated lounge in your home with Schumacher’s award worthy fabrics. Shockwave makes a winning statement:

Schumacher’s Shockwave – Sable and Sand Fabric
Schumacher’s Venetian Silk Velvet – Praline Fabric
Schumacher’s Prato Weave – Limestone Fabric
Schumacher’s Amarillo – Saddle Wallpaper

Plush turquoise, red, and orange silk and velvet pillows pop against the subdued cream, brown, and gold furniture.

item2.size.0.0.oscars-greenroom-03Photo via Architectural Digest

Spice up a masculine cream and gold room with colorful accents:

Schumacher’s Gainsborough Velvet – Spruce Fabric
Schumacher’s Botticelli Silk Taffeta – Oriental Red Fabric
Schumacher’s Paley Quilted Velvet – Chinese Orange Fabric

Just like a star needs supporting actors to shine, attention grabbing patterns need the help of complimentary fabrics to unite the many design elements throughout a room.  Neutral beige and gold stripes coordinate with the luscious solids without detracting from the prominent Shock Wave chevron stripe or the colorful pillows and stools.

greenroom1Photo via Architectural Digest

These rich Schumacher stripes enhance the many shades of gold throughout the room:

Schumacher’s Darcy Silk Stripe – Topaz Fabric
Schumacher’s Warwick Velvet Stripe – Sage Fabric
Schumacher’s Wickham Satin Stripe – Platinum Fabric

Shop more Schumacher fabrics at DecoratorsBest and decorate your own Oscars Greenroom.

Check out our #WallpaperWednesday featuring leather to get the look of the walls!

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