Fashion Week 2013: Bohemian Chic Decor

Between wishing for warmer weather and NYC Fashion week featuring global prints, it’s no wonder we are in the mood for some traveling. Get inspired with these fashionable bohemian fabrics and wallpapers.

Tory Burch: Graphic Ethnic Prints

Tory Burch’s latest collections features graphic prints in classic black, white, and red colors.


Photos via Tory Burch & Little Lovables Blog

Get the look of Burch’s ethnic prints in your home with these intricate motifs:

168273Schumacher’s Chinois – Red Wallpaper at DecoratorsBest

94_8045_CSCole & Son’s Picadilly – Black and White Wallpaper at DecoratorsBest

Highland Court 190014H-98

Highland Court’s 190014H – 98 Fabric at DecoratorsBest

BCBG: Tribal Prints

BCBG’s “Bedouin Chic” collection turned heads along the runway with detailed geometric and byzantine designs in trend setting cobalt and black.

BohoBlog2Photos via NY Daily News, Pinterest, & Examiner

Turn your home into an equally cool abode with these Ikat fabrics:

174752 Schumacher’s Maya Ikat Print – Indigo Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Hazy Diamond - MicaRobert Allen’s Hazy Diamond – Mica Fabric at DecoratorsBest

1888902metropeFabricut’s Merope Ikat – Indigo Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Fashion Week Street Style

New Yorkers attending fashion week are just as fabulous and stylish as the decked out models hitting the catwalk. We love this attendee’s outfit, pairing vivid yellow with neutral grey and white accents adds life to the overcast winter streets. Clarke & Clarke’s Lombok collection transforms this fabulous color combination into eclectic prints perfect for a worldly loft.

BohoBlog3Photos via Clarke & Clarke & Le 21 Eme

Brighten your living room with these avant-garde fabrics:

Lombok - SundanceClarke & Clarke’s Lombok – Sundance Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Ika - SundanceClarke & Clarke’s Ika – Sundance Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Sarong - SundanceClarke & Clarke’s Sarong – Sundance Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Inspired to add a bohemian twist to your decor? Shop even more Ikat fabrics and Modern & Contemporary wallpapers at

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