Animal Print: Chic Cat Designs

Animal Print: Chic Cat Designs

Known for speed and cunning agility, leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars have long been revered for their beauty and vitality. Since ancient civilization, the furs of these exotic Great Cats have been prized as symbols of wealth and status. During the earlier half of the 20th century, leopard fur became increasingly popular in fashion. Today, these majestic cats are endangered species and can no longer be legally hunted but are honored through the reproduction of their beautiful furs as plush velvet, durable chenille, and beautiful prints. This timeless motif has become ingrained in the interior design vernacular as a versatile fabric that complements any style of decor.

For a fresh and unexpected take on this classic cat print, upholster it onto your walls or ceiling! In this fun office, designer Peter Dunham covered the walls with his “Gattopardo” printed linen and added a red trim to frame the walls and make the fabric pop. Use the same fabric as chair cushions or accent pillows to tie the space together. Another great alternative to wallpaper is Schumacher’s subtle “Leopard Linen Print,” a neutral print that hangs attractively on a wall or as drapery in a contemporary setting.


Want the look?

Left to Right: 10530 – Henna | Leopard Linen Print- Sesame | Gattopardo – Siberiano | Busse Leopard – Smoke | 75329 – Pumice

Colorful Cat Cloth

Brilliant purples, pinks, and turquoise leopard prints instantly make a space feel youthful and inviting. Perfect for a teenager’s bedroom or a playful living room, colorful cat prints are a bold way to add accent colors and texture. Designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s purple Duralee fabric “Feline – Hyacinth” pops as an ottoman surrounded by neutral colors and purple and green accents.

Layering leopard prints in complimentary colors gives an exotic edge to a room without feeling overwhelming. Upholster a headboard with Duralee’s “Senegal – Aegean” and pair with Quadrille’s “Conga Line” as bedding or drapery for a bright Safari Chic bedroom.

Bring the feel of summer into your home all year round with coral leopard accents. Duralee’s “15470 – Sorbet” enhances large floral fabrics and adds flare to a traditional trellis or stripe.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Feline – Hyacinth | Conga Line – Moss Aqua On Tint | Senegal – Aegean | Rufiji – Peacock | Zeze Leopard – Magenta On Ecru | D 15470-127 Sorbet

Fabulous Feline Furniture

Leopard fur is the ultimate symbol of luxury. Add leopard print velvets to your home to create an elegant and lavish ambiance. Clarence House’s faux fur “Jaguar Velours Soie” is the height of opulence and looks fabulous as chairs or accent benches. Schumacher’s “Nakuru Linen Velvet” is an equally luscious fabric that looks slightly more subdued upholstered onto an entire sofa.

Fitting for a traditional setting, Pindler & Pindler’s “Jaguar” damask leopard has a refined feeling that makes it perfect for a loveseat or chairs in a formal sitting room.

Casual and soft, Robert Allen’s “Cheetah Spots” is a durable chenille that looks great in a family room. Whatever the atmosphere of the room, leopard print upholstery is an exciting and comforting addition.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Nakuru Linen Velvet – Pewter | Rock Leopard – Snow Leopard | Jaguar Velours Soie – Natural | Jaguar – Platinum | Cheetah Spots – Leopard

Animal Accents

Add exotic accents throughout your home with plush leopard print pillows from Ryan Studio. Leopard is a versatile print that accentuates the ambiance of both a masculine study and feminine dressing room. Ryan Studio’s “Jamil – Natural” pillows enhance the appearance of a rich velvet or dress up casual upholstery and drapery fabrics.

Make your daybed and window seats stand out with Ryan Studio’s “Panthera” pillows in “Honey” and “Chocolate.” Layer the two colors for a sophisticated balance of light and dark leopard prints.

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