Decorative Ceilings: Affordable Luxury

Decorative Ceilings: Affordable Luxury

Decorative ceilings have a long and rich history. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is one of the most famous and elaborate decorative ceilings. Byzantine chapels adorned with religious frescos, elaborately painted Tudor beams, and Federal style moldings are just a few outstanding period examples of ways to enhance a ceiling. Today, interior designers are polishing rooms and updating ceilings with wallpaper. Often overlooked, ceilings open a fifth dimension that can either enlarge a small space or make a vast room feel welcoming and warm. Add luxury to your home with a decorative ceiling.

Ceilings were ignored as interior design practices became more focused on simplistic and budget friendly aesthetics. Today, ceilings are receiving more attention as production costs make adding detail affordable. You can have a beautiful and intricate ceiling without breaking the bank. Follow our helpful tips and paper your ceiling with designer wallpaper from Clarke & Clarke, Cole & Son, Phillip Jeffries, Ralph Lauren, Scalamandre, and Schumacher for a beautiful and fully decorated home.

Tip 1: Excite With Animal Prints

Hanging an animal print on the ceiling adds fun flare to a more conservative space. A neutral Zebra print keeps the pattern from feeling overwhelming and allows you to accessorize in a traditional or modern style. Have fun with Schumacher’s “Zebra – Black On Bone!”

Want the look?

Left to Right: Zebra – Black On Bone | Crocodile – Jet | Ripple – Zebra | Burchell Zebra – Ebony | Zebra Grass – Espresso

Tip 2: Raise the Height of Your Ceiling

Use a light color on your ceiling to visually raise the height. This designer used birds cut out of paper and placed them on a painted ceiling to add ornate detail. Get a similar look with the sparrows in Cole & Son’s “Tropical Birds – White.”

Black and white is a classic color combination that works well on a ceiling because it visually opens up the room in an unobtrusive way. Add elegance with a simple black and white trellis like Cole & Son’s “Stone Trellis.” Create the illusion of a tiled ceiling with Cole & Son’s ethnic medallion paper, “Piccadilly.”

Much like a mirror that adds depth to a wall, a mirrored ceiling adds considerable height. Expand your room with “Albery – Silver,” the large metallic squares create the appearance of a tiled oxidized mirror.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Piccadilly – Black And White | Stone Trellis – White & Black | Tropical Birds – White | Albery – Silver | Weathered Metals – Palladium

Tip 3: Lower Your Ceiling Height

For those of us fortunate enough to have high ceilings, we know that sometimes a soaring ceilings can feel daunting. Add a dark color to scale down your ceiling to a warmer, more manageable level. This tip is especially helpful when decorating a small space with high ceilings.

The designer who decorated this room used a dark and detailed ceiling to complete the feeling of an elaborate jewel box. Ralph Lauren’s flocked “Jinping Dragon – Caviar” adds depth and texture to this ceiling. Paired with the vivid paper “Malachite – Green,” the room appears deceptively larger even though the dark paper lowers the height of the high ceiling.

Hanging the same paper on your walls and ceilings also gives a large open space a more manageable and welcoming ambience. Use dark colors to enclose an open and airy room. Phillip Jeffrie’s “Soho Hemp” adds shine with a hint of color that will lower the ceiling height. For a more glamorous look, Schumacher’s “Metropolitan Fret” introduces texture and scales down the ceiling with stylish beaded fretwork.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Jinping Dragon – Caviar | Malachite – Green | Imperial Trellis – Onyx Gloss | Cut-Out-Lace – Purple | Soho Hemp – Fuchsia Black | Metropolitan Fret – Black Pearl

Tip 4: Unify Different Design Elements

Unify diverse design elements and treat all planes throughout a room with equal attention to detail with a decorative ceiling. Introduce color and modernize an eclectic space with a graphic trellis. In this room, the pink color of the bamboo trellis paper unifies and complements the different floral prints and contrasts nicely with the striped floors. Get the look of this bright elegant room with Scalamandre’s “Baldwin Bamboo” wallpaper.

Hang an open trellis or large scale geometric pattern to refine the space and pull together different fabrics and colors. Clarke & Clarke’s wide stripe, “Sofi – Mineral” replaces the effect of a traditional beamed ceiling with a contemporary painted look.

For a room that has low or angled ceilings, use the same paper on the walls and the ceiling to soften and unify the different dimensions and infuse a welcoming ambiance. Use a traditional toile such as Scalamandre’s “Winegrowers” to introduce color and warmth.

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