Velvet In The Home

There is a key to decorating with velvet to ensure your home doesn’t turn into another Graceland. When used properly and sparingly, velvet can transform a room into a luxurious space.

Start small by upholstering a sofa or chair. What better way to add texture to a space than by outfitting your furnishings with the softness of velvet.


Photo via Pinterest


Kravet 11898-11 Fabric at DecoratorsBest

These upholstered pink velvet chairs looks as comfortable as they do chic.

Photo via Pinterest


Kravet 11898-909 Fabric at DecoratorsBest

For a sound night, rest your head against this velvet headboard. It’s a great way to incorporate this opulent fabric into your boudoir.

Photo via Pinterest


Duralee Bluejay Fabric at DecoratorsBest

It you are going to use velvet fabrics throughout your room try and stick to colors that complement one another, not compete. These muted tones will surely make your space a relaxing one.

Photo via Pinterest


B. Berger Pebble Fabric at DecoratorsBest


Duralee Honey Dew Fabric at DecoratorsBest

The ways to use velvet in the home are endless– sofas, chairs, pillows, drapery, trim, even wallcoverings. This fall add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your room by bringing in velvet. To see our complete selection of velvet fabric visit

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