Lavish & Luxurious Velvet

Lavish & Luxurious Velvet

Velvet fabrics and wallpapers are prolific in interior design this season. This week, DecoratorsBest had the opportunity to tour Traditional Home’s Fifth Annual Holiday House, a designer showhouse in New York City that benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Nearly every lavish room incorporated or featured velvets, in particular cut velvet fabrics and wallpapers. Upholstered on chairs or walls, or hung as flocked velvet wallpapervelvet was used by almost every designer to add elegance and sophistication throughout the house.

One of our favorite rooms at the holiday house was a Girl’s Night Out themed vanity room designed by Claudia Giselle Design LLC. This small but glamorous powder room was decked out with Beacon Hill’s silk and linen damask “Mon Cheri” upholstered onto the walls creating the luminous appearance of flocked velvet wallpaper. Giselle added a dressing chair upholstered in Beacon Hill’s solid black “Rosario Velvet” and feminine drapes made from a soft blush pink velvet. The variation in color and texture of the velvets gives this classical style an updated look with a cozy feel.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Luxury Velvet – Blush Rosario Velvet – Noir | Mon Cheri – Silver |Rhythm – EspressoDouceur – Vintage Pink


Layering Cut Velvet

Originally made from silk fibers, velvet is woven using an intricate and time consuming technique that requires a large quantity of thread. Because this process is so laborious, velvet has become synonymous with luxury. Dating back to the Renaissance, velvet was as an expression of power and wealth. Today velvet is made from both natural and man-made fibers that are more durable and affordable than silk.

Cut velvets, which are also known as Devore velvets, are treated with a solution that dissolves the pile, or surface fibers, in specific areas to create a pattern. Cut velvets are increasingly popular because they introduce a stylized motif without sacrificing the softness of the velvet. Layering different cut velvets with solid and striped velvets creates an elegant atmosphere.

Layer Ralph Lauren’s “Grantham Velvet Damask – Ruby” with Kravet’s striped “15037-584” velvet and Schumacher’s solid “Gainsborough Velvet” for a rich ruby room. For a fresh graphic room that is equally opulent, layer Schumacher’s velvet “Imperial Trellis” with “Marrakesh Velvet,” a small diamond cut velvet, and “Metropolitan Velvet,” a geometric cut velvet.

Want the look?

Left to Right: K 15037 – 584 | Grantham Velvet Damask – Ruby Gainsborough Velvet – Bordeaux Imperial Trellis Velvet – Peacock | Marrakesh Velvet – Vert | Metropolitan Velvet – Reef


Velvet Flocked Walls

Upholstering walls with velvet fabric was popular in stately homes throughout Europe and has translated to flocked wallpapers in modern motifs and colorations. These updated papers add texture and depth to any space.

Clarke & Clarke’s “Ornella Flock – Espresso” creates the illusion of multidimensional walls with a flocked brown vine shadowed with a lighter vine on a metallic background. This design complements modern and contemporary decor and metal accents.

Get creative with your textured wallpaper and hang Ralph Lauren’s “Jinping Dragon – Champagne” on the ceiling or on an accent wall to brighten a room with this gilded Asian wallpaper. Offset the gold paper with Cole & Son’s “Drape – Black,” which gives the appearance of a draped velvet curtain.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Jinping Dragon – Champagne Drape – Black Ornella Flock – Espresso Bamboo Flock – Cream On Silver Canonbury – Lime


Velvet Pillows

Pillows are your home’s greatest accessory because they allow you to keep up with trends or change the atmosphere of a room without breaking the bank. Give your sitting room a glamorous edge with geometricstripedanimal print, and damask cut velvet pillows from Ryan Studio. Or, design your own pillows with coordinating cut velvets from Clarke & Clarke.

Clarke & Clarke’s cut velvets add flair to a refined neutral room when layered together as pillows. Pair from the geometric maze “Cosimo” with the coordinating cut velvet “Florentine” for a complete set.

For a more opulent space, accessorize with Ryan Studio’s traditional “Royal Beauty – Sterling,” a cut velvet damask, and “Royal Tiger – Pewter,” a gorgeous cut velvet animal print. These exquisite pillows are perfect in an over-the-top room complete with crystal accents and satin silk fabrics.

Want the look?

Left to Right: Cosimo – Pewter | Florentine – Dijon Emilio – Dijon | Zebra – Taupe | Cosimo – Pewter



Want the look?

Left to Right: Galway – Pink | Polonia – Cinnabar Royal Beauty – Sterling | Royal Tiger – Pewter | Velvet Geo – Turquoise | Hudson – Citrine


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