Soar With Your Decor

Soar With Your Decor

Fly free as a bird through the last days of summer with wallpaper that will cheer you up all year long. Depicted as symbols of peace and freedom, birds represent wisdom, love, and courage. Decorate your house with bird wallpaper to inspire creativity and let your imagination soar.

Traditional or modern, our feathery friends grace wallpapers of all styles adding character to homes everywhere. Cole & Son’s elegant “Hummingbirds – Ruban” refines this traditional farmhouse while Schumacher’s “Birds & Butterflies” wallpaper is stunning in a bedroom or office.

For a masculine hallway replete with swooping sparrows, hang Cole & Son’s “Tropical Birds – Brown,” deep in rich hues.

Prefer the endearing songbird? Relax in a stately summer glow all year round with Schumacher’s Chenonceau – Sage.”

Want the look?

Left to right:
Hummingbirds – Ruban |Birds & Butterflies – Multi on White |Tropical Birds – Brown|Chenonceau – Sage

Rockin Robin

Rock your walls with retro inspired bird wallpapers. A must have for every 1960’s household, bold colorful wallpapers are making a comeback. Nina Campbell’s “Paradiso – 04” pops with midcentury modern furniture in a Mad Men style room Betty Draper would surely envy.

Peacocks and cherry blossoms add grandeur in Clarke & Clarke’s “Indira – Damson.” Signifying success, longevity, and love, the Peacock’s display of feathers also represent vanity. Turn a feather and hang this paper in your dressing room where you can indulge your inner peacock.

Channel South Beach beauty with Cole & Son’s “Flamingos – Grey” wallpaper. The bright pink and soft greys will make Floridians swoon when you pair this paper with white and pink accents.

Sing like a bird with Schumacher’s “Sutton Trellis – Jade.” Luscious ivy provides a perfect perch on this antique trellis where “every little swallow and every chick-a-dee [will be] flappin’ their wings and singing go bird go.”

Want the look?

Left to right: Paradiso – 04|Indira – Damson|Flamingos – Grey| Sutton Trellis – Jade

Tweet Tweet

Turn your urban dwelling into a chic nest with Schumacher’s “A-Twitter – Summer.” Appropriate for children and adults, Schumacher’s “Aviary – Multi on White” adds flare to playrooms or bathrooms with hand drawn lines and primary colors.

Sleep in a bird sanctuary swathed in charming toiles and delicate birdcages. Blue and white toile adds a classic look to any space with Schumacher’s “Oiseaux et Fleurs – Porcelain.” Nina Campbell’s “Birdcage Walk” will ensure your aviary is stylish and sophisticated.

Want the look?

Left to right: Oiseaux et Fleurs – Porcelain|Birdcage Walk – 05|A-Twitter – Summer|Aviary – Multi on White


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