Fringe Benefits

Designers alike know the importance of the “finishing touch” when designing a particular look- that piece de resistance that pulls everything together. The same can be said when decorating a home. One design detail that is often overlooked is the embellishment used to really enhance the curtains or furniture. Today we wanted to share with you ways in which you can transform the ordinary into something a little more extraordinary.

First let’s start with tassels. Tassels are typically used as curtain tiebacks, but they can also double as accents to pillows, napkin rings, an accent to a drawer pull or a means to reach your ceiling fan.

Show your curtains how much you care by adding the right finishing touch.

Photo via Pinterest

This tassel by Stout can help you achieve this look above.

Stout Bedford 1 Bayleaf Tassel at DecoratorsBest

This elegant drapery deserves the best.

Photo via Pinterest

And this Scalamandre tassel is the perfect match when trying to recreate this regal design.

Scalamandre Carousel - Yellow Blue Tassel at DecoratorsBest

We mentioned adding some fringe to your pillows for a little more pop.

Photo via Pinterest

This Cranberry tassel from Stout is just what this black and white striped pillow needs to add a bit of color.

Stout Cajole 4 Cranberry Tassel at DecoratorsBest

DecoratorsBest has a great selection of tassels in a variety of colors, shapes and fabrics. Find the perfect complement to your home furnishing with just a click of a mouse. Visit us online at

Stay tuned for later in the week as we show you the many ways in which trim can be used to transform your furnishings.

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