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Stay Calm and Carry On

Blue is not just a color, it is a state of mind. Intimate and refreshing, blue surroundings are calming yet intriguing, sparking our most ingenious creativity.

Clinical studies show that calm colors help you feel relaxed and centered. So “get the blues” this summer and transform your home into the soothing environment it should be.


Want the look?

Left to right:
Vintage Chambray – Blue|32380 – 99 Blueberry |Bayside – 511 |89056 – 593 Blue Ice|Allendale – Azure


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From Our Blog: The Many Shades of Blue

Ralph Lauren’s Maritime Feel

Ralph Lauren’s charming nautical designs are instant classics. Their Maritime Outdoor collection features vintage blues, imaginative checks, and bold navy solids that will have you daydreaming about yachting on the open seas while relaxing in your den.

Crisp blues and clean whites create an elegant and composed atmosphere. Appease your senses with the oversized "Cannes Stripe." Hang it in the kitchen window or wrap an old couch in its captivating designs.

Larger than a fisherman’s tale, "Seaward Weave" is a printed basket-weave pattern, perfect for a window seat. Savor the sensation of an enthralling ride incorporating the intriguing "Chesapeake." Dont forget the anchor or it will be "ships away" with "Upper Deck Embroider!"

Want the look?

Left to right: Cannes Stripe – Caspian|Chesapeake – White/Navy|Upper Deck Embroider – Navy |Seaward Weave – Atlantic


Scalamandre’s Got The Blues!

Scalamandre’s latest blue releases turn any hectic space into a wonderfully cool abode. Updated paisleys, toiles, and ikats create a look appealing to bohemians and traditionalists alike.

Channel your inner zen with a blue paisley living room. A contemporary take on an old world look, “Lillian – Blues” is refreshing as an accent couch, loveseat, or throw pillow.

You can never go wrong with a stunning toile. Scalamandre’s "Pechen Des Perles" works beautifully as summer drapery for your kitchen and living room. With an exotic feel and eastern inspired edge, this traditional toile is ideal in any environment.

Adding a sense of energy and motion, Scalamandre’s "Oasis" ikat makes an exceptional statement.

Want the look?

Left to right:Pillement Toile – Toile Blue|Oasis – Ivory Blue Yellow|Pechen Des Perles – Crystal Blue |Calabassas County – Blue on Cream|Lillian – Blues


Kravet’s Bayside Inspirations

Known as the most "productive" color, blue sparks imagination and creativity. Kravet’s Bayside collection holds true to this theory, an original and artistic new selection.

Adding a tranquil blue to your bedroom is a great start to creating a soothing atmosphere. Combine "31700 – 13" and "31695 – 13" for a relaxing feel of textures and scales.

Inspired by ancient French vineyards and gardens, the trellis pattern is timeless. Give your bedroom sofa or head board a sophisticated makeover with Kravet’s “31708-5” woven upholstery trellis.

Want the look?

Left to right:
31695 – 13 |31708 – 5 |31700 – 13| 31702 – 5


Stout Lives Comfortably

Stout’s latest blue hued collection sets a sophisticated tone. Blue, a color associated with knowledge, encourage awareness and wisdom. Impress guests with your neat choices and chic surroundings using Stout’s indigo inspired designs.

Don’t judge this fabric by the name – “Foolish – Lake,” a very smart selection. This large exotic sunburst pairs azure and cerulean, raised threads, and floral vines, adding dimension and texture. This pattern will draw interest and hold your attention, so be sure to use it in a high-traffic area of your home.

Blue is also associated with confidence and trust, so feel more confident about your decor with Stout’s thick and cozy “Obtain- Smoky,” ideal for a luxurious plush pillow or a feathery duvet.

Want the look?

Left to right:
Gain 1 Cadet |Obtain 1 Smoky |Calvert 1 Blue |Foggy 2 Atlantic|Foolish 2 Lake




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