Today's Embroidery

Embroidery has been popular among the elite going back to ancient times. Adorning royalty and nobility alike, embroidered textiles were used among the upper echelon as a way to distinguish themselves, whether in their homes or clothes, from the working class. Thanks to modern day technology, today embroidered fabrics can be enjoyed in homes across the world.

Take a look at some of our embroidered fabrics featured at

Kravet has a wide selection of embroidered fabrics to choose from like their Cloe Linen collection.

1. Kravet Cloe Linen in Peridot at DecoratorsBest

2. Kravet Cloe Linen in Ciel at DecoratorsBest

3. Kravet Cloe Linen in Stone at DecoratorsBest

4. Kravet Cloe Linen in Chablis at DecoratorsBest

Kravet’s Fellini embroidered fabric is great for your upholstery.

1. Kravet Fellini in Amethyst at DecoratorsBest

2. Kravet Fellini in Pear at DecoratorsBest

3. Kravet Fellini in Ruby at DecoratorsBest

4. Kravet Fellini in Turq at DecoratorsBest

Highland Court is known for their elaborate designs and they did not disappoint with their Marakesh Collection.

1. Highland Court Lapis at DecoratorsBest

2. Highland Court Orchid at DecoratorsBest

3. Highland Court Tangerine at DecoratorsBest

4. Highland Court Turquoise at DecoratorsBest

Schumacher’s Agadir Embroidery fabrics will look great adorning your windows.

1. Schumacher Agadir Embroidery fabric in Champagne at DecoratorsBest

2. Schumacher Agadir Embroidery fabric in Aqua at DecoratorsBest

3. Schumacher Agadir Embroidery fabric in Chanterelle at DecoratorsBest

4. Schumacher Agadir Embroidery fabric in Spice at DecoratorsBest

We love the delicate look of Pindler & Pindler’s Astair fabric.

1. Pindler & Pindler’s Astair fabric in Teastain at DecoratorsBest

2. Pindler & Pindler’s Astair fabric i Ocean at DecoratorsBest

Want to enhance your home furnishings? Try using embroidered fabrics on your upholstery, drapery, pillows and bedding to get that luxurious look and feel.

To see our complete collection of embroidered fabrics visit us online at

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