Create A Casual Elegance Using Neutrals

This summer create a casual elegance in your home using neutrals, textures, organic fabrics, and wallpaper. Think calm and serene when choosing your fabric swatches.

One collection that has received a lot of buzz this year is the John Robshaw Fabric Collection by Duralee. Now Robshaw’s bohemian chic style is at an affordable price point and available to a larger audience. Inspired by India, John isn’t afraid of mixing vibrant colors, but it is his take on the neutral shade of grey that really has us excited.

Take a look at how John Robshaw brings life to the color grey.

John Robshaw for Duralee- Grey Fabric- at DecoratorsBest


John Robshaw for Duralee- Grey Fabric- at DecoratorsBest


John Robshaw for Duralee- Blue/Green Fabric- at DecoratorsBest

Another manufacturer creating buzz is Phillip Jeffries. Their organic wallcoverings add warmth and texture to your space. Take a look at how designer Barclay Butera transformed this bedroom using Phillip Jeffries natural Bamboo Forest Panel wallcovering in green.

Photo via Phillip Jeffries. Designed by Barclay Butera.

See the detail of this product up close on our website.

Phillip Jeffries Bamboo Forest Panel - Green at DecoratorsBest

We love the depth created by Phillip Jeffies’ Extra Fine Arrowroot¬† in olive in this entryway.

Photo via Phillip Jeffries


Phillip Jeffries' Extra Fine Arrowroot - Olive at DecoratorsBest


Schumacher’s understated elegance can be found in their latest collection, the Palazzo Collection. Inspired by Ancient Italy, the Palazzo Collection would make a great addition to any room.

This Classic Diamond fabric from Schumacher is the perfect fabric to center your next design around.

Schumacher's Classic Diamond - Natural at DecoratorsBest

Equestrian decor is a popular design trend and Schumacher’s Equestrian Cutwork fabric in natural will look great in your home.

Schumacher Equestrian Cutwork - Natural at DecoratorsBest

Schumacher’s San Savino Embossed Linen fabric is reminiscent of the Venetian plaster the Italians used for centuries.

1. San Savino Embossed Linen – Ivory

2. San Savino Embossed Linen – Antelope

3. San Savino Embossed Linen – Porcelain

You can create a casual elegance in your home using neutral fabrics and wallcoverings found at DecoratorsBest.

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