Hampton Cottages & Gardens

I recently had the good fortune to meet Kendell Cronstrom, the editor of both Hamptons Cottages & Gardens and the recently launched NewYork Cottages & Gardens. Over the years, I’ve watched Hamptons C&G flourish and become the leading home magazine for The Hamptons. Its pages filled with stunning, chic and livable homes, the magazine has become a constant source of inspiration for my own Hamptons home.

Kendell, charming with an easy way about him, was concerned that The Hamptons was filling up with “McMansions:” houses too large for their lots with excessive and bizzare proportions. However, he’s been very excited to see a movement towards “Green Design” and a smaller scale of living in recent years.

Above: Bob Williams, Marainne Howaston (NYC&G’s CEO), Kendell Cronstrom, and Mitchell Gold at the NYC&G Launch Event in April

Kendell feels that today’s look is not as “done” as in the past; it’s a more laid back look, with less intricate coordination and less presentational style. Hamptonites are predominantly New Yorkers with stressful, fast-paced lives during the week.  When they leave the city, they’re looking to relax and escape, so the design of their Hamptons homes puts an emphasis on being comfortable.  Homes have become eclectic, adventurous, and unfussy, showing off their owner’s personal style.  The new look is about being comfortable and finding your own style, not impressing the neighbors.


Bright colors prevail in the Hamptons, especially blue.  Kendell mentioned that one of the best ways to decorate is to work with the natural landscape around your home; blue echoes the beaches and clear skies, bringing the outdoors in.


Both famous artwork and more affordable contemporary photography grace the walls of many Hamptons homes.  Artwork is a great way to express your personal style and really pulls a room together, giving it a little more personality.

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