Asian Inspired Fabrics and Wallcoverings at DecoratorsBest

Since the opening of Silk Road some 2,000 years ago, the West has been inspired by our neighbors to the East. From Zen gardens to silk Chinoiserie wallpaper, the East has heavily influenced the way we design our homes. DecoratorsBest can help you create an Asian-style design for your interior spaces. Take a look at some of our Asian-inspired fabrics and wallpaper from some of our featured manufacturers like Clarke and Clarke and Scalamandre.

Pechen des Perles from Scalamandre’s new Avalon Collection is a “whimsical Chinoiserie design.” These Oriental toiles are silhouetted with palm trees, bridges, pagodas, fishermen and boats.

1. Pechen Des Perles – Coral Sand at DecoratorsBest
2. Pechen Des Perles – Crystal Blue at DecoratorsBest
3. Pechen Des Perles – Kiwi at DecoratorsBest
4. Pechen Des Perles – Baja Yellow at DecoratorsBest

Silk has long been associated with the East and Scalamandre’s Anemone Floral fabric is on one hundred percent silk ground.

1. Anemone Floral – Yellow Multi at DecoratorsBest
2. Anemone Floral – Aqua Multi at DecoratorsBest
3. Anemone Floral – Cream Multi at DecoratorsBest
4. Anemone Floral – Sepia at DecoratorsBest

Another manufacturer showing their love of the Orient is Clarke & Clarke. Their Miyako collection features bold, large and small print Japanese floral designs.

1. Mio – Wasabi at DecoratorsBest
2. Mio – Peacock at DecoratorsBest
3.  Hana – Passion at DecoratorsBest
4. Tamiko – Wasabi at DecoratorsBest

Last, but certainly not least is Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon fabric and wallpaper. The dragon is a common mythical creature used in Thai art and Schumacher beautifully portrays this cultural creature in their Chiang Mai Dragon print.

1. Chiang Mai Dragon – China Blue at DecoratorsBest
2. Chiang Mai Dragon – Aquamarine at DecoratorsBest
3. Chiang Mai Dragon – Alabaster at DecoratorsBest

Add a touch of the Orient to your home, visit and check out our selection of Asian-inspired fabrics and wallcoverings.


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