From Our Newsletter: At the Crossroads of Two Worlds

Introducing John Robshaw!

With just one day until Spring Market 2012 at the NYC D&D Building, DecoratorsBest would like to introduce you to the latest trend – and the hottest new designer – before anyone else. Designer John Robshaw’s exclusive collection for Duralee exemplifies the wave of Near Eastern-American fusion for all the top home innovators. Schumacher is also setting the tone for this trending style right now with its new Byzantium wallpaper collection.

John Robshaw is both a trendsetter and a traditionalist; his work is a unique blend of New York design and old-fashioned East-Asian decor. After studying traditional block printing in China, Robshaw traveled to India where he fell in love with the local fabric making customs which so inspire his work today. Robshaw’s Duralee collection is an anthology of 5 distinct books in different bold colorways. An inspirational compilation of ikats, geometrics, experimental chevrons and more, Robshaw’s designer collection represents a lifelong fascination and his artisan technique.

Want the look?

Left to right:
D 21041-92 | D 21042-108 | D 21035-108 | D 21037-92
| D 21038-193

Introducing John Robshaw for Duralee

A new release from Duralee, the John Robshaw Print Collection is among his most intriguing books. Based on the local fabric dying customs of rural India, the Robshaw Print Collection is a very modern take on an old world feel.

One of the most breathtaking patterns is his “21035-108,” featuring traditionally dressed elephants and horses, beautifully printed in a technique which resembles a handmade textile. Coordinate this pattern with a stunning peacock-esque print “21042-108,” or try a bold accent using the dramatic ikat “21041-92.”

Want the old world feel?

Left to right:
D 21038-107 | D 21034-551 | D 21035-318 | D 15441-794

Schumacher at the Crossroads

Schumacher’s brand new Byzantium collection has a strong Islamic influence in its wallpaper design. With intricate and textured geometrics, tribal ikats, elaborate borders, and complex mosaics fit for a palace, Byzantium’s beauty lays in its strong adherence to Spanish, Turkish and Moroccan Muslim design.

The Jaipur collection from Schumacher, much like Robshaw’s collection, is at the crossroads of the traditional East and the contemporary West. Named after the northern city in Rajasthan, India, the Jaipur collection is entirely hand block printed in accordance to local tradition. With Greek key patterns, colorful paisleys, and delicate prints, these timeless patterns are enhanced with durable inks and paper to ensure their quality and longevity.

Want the look?

Left to right:
Nasrid Palace Mosaic – Aegean | Morocco – Azure | Serallo Mosaic – Aegean | Metropolitan Fret – Turquoise | Kasari Ikat – Azure

Fabricut’s Global Influence

Fabricut’s Global Influences book features an exceptional selection of Eastern inspired prints. From elegant paisleys to new age and experimental ikats, Global Influences makes a sophisticated statement in both modern and traditional settings. A DecoratorsBest favorite is their rustic “The Notebook – Desert” which is reminiscent of an old Kilim rug. Available in 3 colorways, The Notebook makes for exotic living room or den upholstery, or even an otherworldly accent.

Ready to take it home?

Left to right:
Definitely Maybe – Raspberry |Romy Suzani – Jewel | The Notebook – Desert |Bella Ikat – Spice

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