The Latest in Juvenile Fabric

For many parents, designing a child’s room can be a challenge on many levels. For most children, their room is more than a place to rest their head, it is a place to play, do schoolwork and entertain their friends. When decorating their room you’ll want to create a space that will grow with your child by using the right fabrics to capture their imagination.

Today’s leading manufacturers in fabric offer designs that will not only appeal to your child, but to the inner child in you. Take a look at some of our featured manufacturers below.

Let your little one appreciate all that nature has to offer with this great print from Fabricut Fabrics called Birdhouse.

1. Fabricut Fabrics Birdhouse-Festival at DecoratorsBest

2. Fabricut Fabrics Birdhouse-Lilac at DecoratorsBest

3. Fabricut Fabrics Birdhouse-Green at DecoratorsBest

4. Fabricut Fabrics Birdhouse-Sky at DecoratorsBest

Everyday is a Parade with LuLu DK’s new collection with Schumacher.

1. LuLu DK’s Parade – Blueberry/Ocean at DecoratorsBest

2. LuLu DK’s Parade – Multi at DecoratorsBest

3. LuLu DK’s Parade – Punch/Pink Lemonade at DecoratorsBest

For the young seafarer in your home try these nautical inspired fabrics from Ralph Lauren Home.

1. Ralph Lauren Fabric Chesapeake-White/Navy at DecoratorsBest

2. Ralph Lauren Fabric Gulf Breeze-Navy at DecoratorsBest

When designing for your child try and incorporate their favorite color into their room. For more juvenile fabrics visit us online at

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