Choose Your Color Wisely!


A monochromatic theme is a great way to add texture and dimension without clashing colors or adding accents. Tints and shades of the primary hue within different mediums will give your home a refined look and a very modern appeal.

Picking a color scheme for your home or room can be a daunting experience. Do you want a dazzling blue or a romantic red? A muted beige or a royal purple? Or are you trying to build an entire room around your art, photography, architecture or sculptures? Any way you choose, DecoratorsBest has an exceptional selection of coordinating solid fabric and wallpaper in a variety of textures and hues. This week we are featuring our favorite monochromatic rooms and showing you how to do it yourself!

Whoever said going grey was out of style? The designer above chose several different silver tones to create a luxurious and romantic escape. Like your family’s precious heirlooms, silver is a timeless look for your home.

Want the look of luxury?

Left to right:
Fenton – Pewter | Filbert – Silver | K 9828-21 | PJ 3221| Silk Velvet – Silver Celedon

Your Purple Palace

This purple monochromatic bedroom is sleek and modern, while still simple and aesthetically relaxing. Using different tones, textures and mediums of the same hue is important to keep the look diverse and exciting while striking a balance within the room.

Want this serene bedroom look?

Left to right:
PJ 4804 | 15384-204 | 15372-204 | 15374-45

Tan Goes With Everything!

The great thing about using neutral colors in your home is that they can go with just about anything! The light blue pillows on the tan, mohair upholstered couch become accentuated when in any other room they would have been missed. Elegant and neat, this neutral monochromatic theme makes for a gorgeous and inviting family room.

Want the look?

Left to right:
14041-83 | Chandra Silk Canvas – Cream | Blithe – Cornflower |Palmer Plain – Dogwood

An Off-White Extraordinaire

This contemporary sitting room is a beautiful example of how white monochromatic rooms can emphasize your favorite artwork and highlight the stunning Kravet pillows on the white sofas. If you are looking to underline your art, light monochromatic fabric and wallpaper is the way to go.

Want to take it home?

Left to right:
19508-1 |28871-1615| 32035-615 | 29214-816 | 29429-1

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