Transform Your Home With Metallics

As we mentioned earlier this week metallics are a great way to add a little glitz in your home. And you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy the beauty of gold, silver, bronze, copper and platinum. In today’s world these element have made their way into every inch of the home. In the dining room you might find gilded wallcoverings. Your living room might feature platinum pillows and in the bedroom, bronze bedding. Take a look at how easily these metallic fabrics and wallcoverings can transform your domain.

Photo via Phillip Jeffries

Is there a more glamorous setting than the Oscars? We think not. Designer Michael S. Smith featured a metallic leaf wallcovering by Phillip Jeffries on the ceiling of last year’s Architectural Digest Green Room at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

For a similar look try Phillip Jeffries Multi-Tone Verdi Gold Leaf wallcovering available at DecoratorsBest.

Phillip Jeffries Multi - Tone Verdi Gold Leaf Wallcovering at DecoratorsBest
Another designer taking the world of metallics by storm is Maya Romanoff. Her True Metals line is available in copper, aluminum and brass. The tiles are “painstakingly hand-processed using an ancient technique that creates a warm permanent patina.”
Photo via Decorati Access
Maya Romanoff True Metals Coffers in Fiery Copper at DecoratorsBest
Designer Ralph Lauren knows a thing or two about Hollywood glamour. Having designed a number of red carpet looks for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, it is not surprising that he can take some of that glitz and incorporate it into his home fabric line. Lauren’s Luxury Naturals II collection beautifully blends muted metallics with texture.
Ralph Lauren Tate Gilded Linen in Gold at DecoratorsBest


Ralph Lauren Frances Embossed Linen in Flax at DecoratorsBest

Want these looks and more? Visit DecoratorsBest online and browse through our collection of metallic fabrics and wallcoverings.


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