All That Glitters Gold

Want to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your home? Try mixing metallic fabrics and wallpaper into your existing home decor. Nothing says glamour like glittering gold, bronze and silver. Schumacher takes a “modern approach to glamour” with their new Modern Glamour collection. Handcrafted and embossed fabrics and wallcoverings, Schumacher surely evokes the Hollywood Regency era with their new collection.

Schumacher Katsura Lampas Fabric in Bronze at DecoratorsBest

East meets West in with this beautifully woven fabric by Schumacher. The fabric is infused with metallic shades of platinum, copper and bronze.

Schumacher Wavelength Fabric in Aqua at DecoratorsBest

We love the texture on Schumacher’s modern Wavelength fabric. With a cool color palette, this versatile fabric can be used either vertically or horizontally.

Schumacher's Not Square in Lime Rickey at DecoratorsBest

According to Schumacher, “This velvet is anything but square!” And we have to agree, Not Square is a brilliant combination of silk velvet and metallic yarn, giving it a shimmery look and feel.

Looking to wrap your walls in metallics? Schumacher’s line of Modern Glamour wallcoverings are just as decadent as their fabrics.

Schumacher Chevron Texture in White Gold at DecoratorsBest

This Chevron Texture wallcovering in White Gold is “composed of raised diagonal stripes, which are created by hand and form a wide herringbone pattern.”  Available in Burnished Bronze as well.

Schumachers Metallic Strie Wallcovering in Silvered Taupe at DecoratorsBest

Schumacher’s Metallic Strie wallcovering will add sophistication and elegance to your home’s interiors. Its shimmery texture “creates a polish and glamorous backdrop.”

DecoratorsBest has a multitude of metallic fabrics and wallcoverings available online at Add some glitter to your life with these shimmery looks.

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