Explore Charlotte Moss' New Collection

Have you seen Charlotte Moss exclusive collection for Fabricut?  Moss, an accomplished interior designer and author, was inspired by her Southern heritage. In an interview with The Style Salonist, Charlotte says I have always been fascinated by textiles since I raided my Grandmother’s attic when I was a child and got to play dress up with all of those marvelous outfits. I think some of my early memories are “tactile moments” – to texture has been very important.”

Photo via New York Social Diary

Charlotte Moss’ philosophy to “live passionately, decorate luxuriously and entertain beautifully,” is what has made her such a great designer.

With her exclusive collection with Fabricut you get a feel for Charlotte’s personal style. These fabrics and wallpapers reflect her elegance and passion for traveling. See some of our favorite looks available at our New York City Design Room.

Paisleys and florals are a popular motif in this collection.

Charlotte Moss for Fabricut- Harriet in Midnight at DecoratorsBest


Charlotte Moss for Fabricut- Claire in Red Eden at DecoratorsBest


Charlotte Moss for Fabricut- Caroline - Forget Me Not at DecoratorsBest

We love how this next fabric resembles a quilt.

Charlotte Moss for Fabricut- Amelia - Spruce at DecoratorsBest

Shop our Charlotte Moss for Fabricut Collection at our New York City Design Room or visit us online at DecoratorsBest.com. Take a page from Ms. Moss’ book and design your home in her elegant style.

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