Fabric Trend: Paisley

The paisley pattern has quite a history. Although its named is derived from the Scottish town, Paisley, the pattern can be traced back even further to ancient Persia, where it was referred to as boteh. Paisley and its teardrop shape is a popular print that has seen a reemergence in the design industry in recent years. Not surprising since the pattern once adorned royalty.

Today paisley prints adorn walls, bedding, sofas, pillows and more. Take a look at some of our favorite paisley fabrics and wallpaper below.

Photo via Houzz

For a similar look try our Schumacher Paisley Print Wallpaper.

Schumacher Paisley Print Wallpaper at DecoratorsBest

This paisley pillow adds a pop of color to the white sofas.

Photo via Decor Pad

We have similar patterns that would look great as pillows here at DecoratorsBest. Like our Robert Allen Prado print.

Robert Allen

Schumacher’s Askandra Flower Wallpaper series is one of our favorites paisley patterns.

1. Askandra Flower – Aubergine Cerise
2. Askandra Flower – Delft
3. Askandra Flower – Oyster
4. Askandra Flower – Pear Water Blue

The paisley motif, with its teardrop or pear shaped symbol, will never fall out of favor in the design industry. So if you are looking to invest in a fabric trend that will be around for the duration visit DecoratorsBest and check out our selection of paisley fabrics and wallpaper.


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