Go From Traditional To Mod With These New Fabric Collections

Duralee’s new collection of fabrics might be called “Modern Prints & Wovens Collection“, but these great new prints are more retro than modern. Reminiscent of the 1960s era, these fabrics are colorful and bright and can definitely add that needed punch to any interior space.

Duralee Sungold Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Geometric patterns once dominated the interiors of the past, today they are making a comeback with the help of Duralee Fabrics.

Duralee Bermuda Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Large floral patterns are once again making its way into a home’s decor.

Duralee Flame Fabric at DecoratorsBest

This psychedelic pattern will create interest in any room you use it in.

Duralee Carnival Fabric at DecoratorsBest

Duralee proves that Mod is back with this linked print.

Duralee Teal Fabric at DecoratorsBest

What we love most about Duralee’s line is that although it’s aesthetic stems from the past, their modern take will look relevant in your home today.

Where Duralee’s Modern Prints line featured brighter colors and geometric patterns, Robert Allen’s Prints And Coordinates leans to the more traditional side of design. Their toile, damask and paisley prints will bring elegance and sophistication to your home decor.

Robert Allen's Antique Design in Nutmeg at DecoratorsBest

Everyone loves a great damask fabric and Robert Allen’s new collection is filled with a lot of these prints.

Robert Allen's Autumn Glow Fabric in River at DecoratorsBest

These autumn fabrics are the perfect accompaniment to fall.

Robert Allen's Tropic Scene Fabric in Hydrangea at DecoratorsBest

This tartan plaid is right on trend this season.

Robert Allen's Patch Fabric in Beeswax at DecoatorsBest

Here is an animal print for those of you who are feeling a little on the wild side.

Robert Allen's Sonic Fabric in Tuxedo at DecoratorsBest

As you can see the prints in Robert Allen’s new collection are abundant. From animal prints to plaids, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

To see more of these two collections visit our website at DecoratorsBest.com.

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