Velvet, Take Two

We’ve been dreaming of velvet since our last post earlier this week and decided that this great fall trend deserved another look. This dreamy fabric is incredibly soft and really needs no further introduction. So here we go again, another look at velvet…

Via Deliciously Organized

This blue velvet office chair is pretty sensational. I know I’d be a lot more comfortable sitting at my desk all day with one of these!

Robert Allen Contentment Upholstery Velvet Fabric in Periwinkle at DecoratorsBest

This luxurious bedroom is all decked out in luscious velvet fabric. From the blue settee to the green sofa this room is filled with cozy places to rest.

Courtesy of VT Interiors

Did you notice a subtle theme in both of these interior spaces, the use of gold accents. Gold has been accompanying the look of velvet for centuries now.  To get this look try using this Beacon Hill fabric in Leaf.

Beacon Hill Velvet Fabric in Leaf at DecoratorsBest

This grey velvet couch is so perfectly tailored it should be on the runway!

Courtesy of Chic Interiors
F. Schumacher Bayeux Velvet Fabric in Ash at DecoratorsBest

If you are looking for ways to incorporate velvet into your home decor, but due to the abundance of pet hair think it might not be such a great idea to upholster an entire couch, you could use velvet fabric for your pillows or drapery.

Via Pinterest

To get coordinating fabrics to complement your home decor visit our website at and search through our velvet fabrics. 



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