Lonny Magazine Turns 2!

Lonny Magazine is among my favorite interior design magazines and I get tremendous inspiration from it for my own work at DecoratorsBest. It was a pleasure to interview Michelle Adams, co founder and Editor-in-Chief of Lonny, at the 2011 Fall Market Week. Celebrating its second birthday, this unique online magazine has raised the bar for all writers in the industry. Between the in-depth and exciting content and the stunning graphics, this magazine is extraordinary! The links to the products and videos embedded in its editorial enrich its content.

Happy Birthday, Lonny!


Michelle is passionate about interior design and, at age 27, her vast knowledge is shown through her success.  Her heart controls Lonny’s look and her voice is heard on every page. Pattern on pattern and a rich, saturated look with detailed vignettes defines the look of the magazine. “If any space in the magazine doesn’t make my heart beat,” she says, “I nix it.”

Michelle Adams and Barbara Karpf

Dressed quite chic in black, I assumed her personal taste would be tailored and pared down – but quite to the contrary. Her old apartment was filled with color, wild designs and pattern-on-pattern, as eclectic as the pillows behind us in the photo. She is currently designing her new apartment in a different tone; one inspired by Parisian design with nickel, sleek surfaces and white walls covered in black and white photographs. Shape and form with mid-century sculptural lighting will be featured around her home.

When asked about current trends, most editors respond that color and variety is prevalent, a belief I’ve shared with our readers before. Michelle has a rare vision that neutrals with a toned down elegance will be back in very soon. “You’ll see!” she beamed.

Trends in interior design move slower than in fashion, and personal styles are really the most important thing in one’s home, says Michelle. Home is a place where you can be yourself and it should reflect the people who live in it.

Her unerring eye has spotted these emerging designers: Adam Bram Straus, Nick Olsen, and the eclectic Ryan Korban. See their work below!

Adam Bram Straus


Nick Olsen


Ryan Korban


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