"Don't Do Anything That's Not Fun"

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is the George Clooney of the interior design world. He has dashing good looks with the charm, warmth and celebrity ambiance to match. I had the pleasure of chatting with Martyn before his outstanding presentation on fabric licensing at F. Schumacher with Susan North, Schumacher’s Creative Director. Tailored in a bespoke English grey flannel suit, a purple striped tie and matching pocket square, he definitely looked like “The Million Dollar Decorator” he is on Bravo TV.

Barbara Karpf with Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn flew in from London where he was working on Tamara Mellon’s London flat, and a few days prior a 16th Century castle in Tuscany. Martyn’s personal mantra is “Don’t do anything that’s not fun” and he certainly seems to be living up to this!

Martyn's Collection on Display in Schmacher's NYC Showroom

His new fabric collaboration with Schumacher embodies the traditional elements from their archives and from his personal travels. The Indian Tree of Life pattern, reinvented for the 21st Century in luscious shades of green, rich reds and soft pinks, is captured in his “Sinhala Linen”. Although his exotic patterns in vibrant colors stand out, the muted tones in charcoal, beige and grey have a sophisticated and timeless appeal.

Sinhala Linen Print - Jewel (Available in 4 colors)

In his own home Martyn is currently designing the dressing room with deep red lacquered cabinetry and the “Darya Ikat Print” paper backed on the walls. His signature style is using paper-backed fabric on walls instead of upholstering them and prefers the texture and dimension that this technique creates.

Darya Ikat - Caravan (Available in 5 colors)

Martyn leaves our readers with a clever design tip: have sets of summer pillows in vibrant colors, and in the winter rich jewel tones and velvet pillows to warm the room. Adding pillows to a space is an easy fit and breathes new air into a room. What a great way to change the look and feel of a space at minimal cost!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Designs on Schumacher Pillows

Congrats to Martyn on being selected Best of the Best Fabric Designer of the Year at Focus!

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