Fall Fabric Trend: Plaid

From the looks of things plaid is back in vogue and we couldn’t be happier. Traditionally a fall favorite, plaid seems to have made an appearance on the runway at New York Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

Courtesy of Refinery 29
Ralph Lauren's Turnbell Plaid Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Ralph Lauren's Benton Plaid Fabric at DecoratorsBest
Ralph Lauren's Renwick Plaid Fabric at DecoratorsBest

This preppy style is not just limited to the fashion world, interior designers have been creating style-worthy spaces using this time-honored pattern for centuries. In fact, tartan plaid dates back to 16th-century Scotland. Today one of our favorite designers,  Ralph Lauren, is bringing this pattern back to the forefront with its “Brookfield Collection”.

See how our Ralph Lauren plaids can transform your home this fall.


For this look we suggest on the chair Ralph Lauren’s Tor Glen Plaid in Sable.

Ralph Lauren's Tor Glen Plaid in Sable at DecoratorsBest

To get this look in your bedroom try these following fabrics by Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren's Dundarg Tattersal in Cypress at DecoratorsBest

The diversity of plaid is what makes it so appealing to both fashion and interior designers. The possibilities are endless;  from a preppy, collegiate look to a more masculine, lumberjack flannel, laid is one hot fall trend that seems to be popping up into our home decor.

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