How To Incorporate Ikat Into Your Home Decor

Now that we peaked your interests in our Ikat fabrics here at DecoratorsBest, we thought we’d show you some ways to use this decorative fabric in your home decor. Even though Ikat has been used for centuries, it transcends generations and still looks fresh in any room.

So whether you want to start off slow and just use this bold fabric on your pillows…

Courtesy of Materials Girls
Ryan Studio Pillow from DecoratorsBest

Or go all out and upholster your sofa…

Courtesy of Domino Magazine
Duralee Ikat from DecoratorsBest

You will love the way the design livens up your space! And speaking of space, designer Hall Williamson brilliantly used this beautiful Ikat upholstery fabric on these slipper chairs that flank the fireplace in House Beautiful.

Courtesy of House Beautiful


This Ikat fabric was turned into a work of art and beautifully hangs in this home office. We have mentioned before how versatile fabric can be.


Courtesy of Elle Decor
F. Schumacher Ikat from DecoratorsBest


We would love to hear some creative ways you have incorporated Ikat into your home design.

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