How to Lengthen Your Existing Drapery

Today we are offering advice on how you can lengthen your existing drapery to fit a new space. You would be surprised how many people have asked us this very question throughout the years, so we decided to give you, our readers, some tips on elongating your drapes.

There are a couple of tricks that you can do if your drapery panels are too short for your current windows. First you can add a band of fabric to the bottom or top (depending on the fabric) to create a border around the existing drapery. A contrasting color was used here to really make the panel pop.

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens

This next image offers two ways to make your drapes more suitable for their new place. As you can see below an extra piece of coordinating fabric was sewn to the bottom of the panel and a matching loop was added at the top, which allows the existing panel to hang even lower to the floor.

Photo via Better Homes & Gardens

Another way to add length is to use bullion fringe at the bottom of the curtains. We think this look is very elegant and it really helped to enhance the fabric.

If your panel’s fabric is still active you can also purchase more of the fabric and run it horizontally as seen below. We love how this curtain turned out, you can use a leather stripe to cover up the seam as well.

We hope we were able to provide you some useful tips on how to reuse your existing drapes or curtains in a new space.

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