Mix and Match Your Drapery Panels for a Unique Look

We love to mix and match patterns at DecoratorsBest and it isn’t just limited to sofa and chair fabrics. Try giving your traditional style room a more contemporary look and feel by mixing up the drapery fabric. We really like the way these drapery panels look when you alternate the patterns.

Courtesy of Houzz

Take a look at these drapery panels from Sofienberg Spring 2011 collection on Designers Guild. When these two fabrics are mixed together is not only makes the room appear more dramatic, but adds depth to the space.

Courtesy of Designers Guild

Green Fabric – F1798 – Piave Moss

Black Stripe – F1454/01  – Franchini Noir

These two different drapery panels surprisingly work really well together. The mixing of floral print and stripe pattern adds whimsy to this space and looks great next to the fabric on the furnishings.

Courtesy of Designers Guild

Floral Drape – F1806/01 – Sofienberg Magenta

Pink Striped Pillow – F1791/08 Brera Fino Raspberry

Striped drape – F1190/26 Brera Largo Cobalt

Lounge fabric – F1791/19 Brera Fino Indigo

Courtesy of Designers Guild

This is another example of how well drapery can look when the patterns and designs are mixed together. The same colors are used in both drapery panels, but the pattern is different.

Floral Drapes – F1807/01 Mariedal

Sofa Fabric – F1785/03 Borgholm Peony

Striped Fabric – F1791/08 Brera Fino Rasberry

Courtesy of Designers Guild

Stripe – F1756/04 Svoboda

Plaid – F1761/01 Beduzzi

Pillows – DG Finished Products – Contact 212-967-4540 For Info

Wallpaper – P546/07 Palmieri

What do you think of this look? Do you think it could lead to a new trend in the fabric industry? For more information please visit DecoratorsBest.com

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