Jazz Up your Entryway with Wallpaper

First impressions can only be made once so make sure your guests are treated to an impressive first look into your home with a showstopper entryway. Wallpapering an entryway gives the space an elegant and put together look. We love how Kevin Walsh of Bear-Hill Interiors wallpapered not only the walls, but the ceiling in this entryway.

Courtesy of Bear-Hill Interiors

We think the clever placement of the wallpaper above the wainscoting makes the room look bright and airy. F. Schumacher’s Modern Trellis – Alabaster creates a similar look as above. View the product at DecoratorsBest here.

Courtesy of Country Living

Phillip Jeffries makes a gorgeous wallpaper like the one above, check out the Rings – Metallic Gold on Ivory for inspiration!

Courtesy of House Beautiful

Both of these entryways offset the use of bold prints with well placed furnishings. Osbourne and Little’s Wild Carnation wallpaper is similar to the pattern above with a brighter finish, see it here!

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Now this entryway is more typical of a New York City apartment. Even though the space might be small, adding the right wallpaper can help the room pack a punch. The wallpaper featured above is the Monteverdi by Designer’s Guild, you can see it at DecoratorsBest here.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed foyer. It has the potential of setting the tone for the rest of your home. If you are looking for some inspiration for wallpapering your entryway visit us online at DecoratorsBest.com.

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