Fabric as Art

We spoke before about hanging fabric on your walls in lieu of wallpaper, but today we wanted to showcase a new trend hitting the design world- fabric wall art. Framing fabric and hanging it on the wall is a great and inexpensive way to decorate your home.

It isn’t hard to envision some of our fabrics as works of art considering that many designers are inspired by famous artists when designing their collection. Take a look at this beautiful fabric below, Soo Locks Clay, by Robert Allen. Drawing on the artistic inspiration of Canadian landscape artists ‘Group of Seven’ who were prominent in the 1920’s, Soo Locks mimics the same European impressionist style in a printed motif that spans the entire width of the fabric. Consisting of literally hundreds of colors and tones, Soo Locks brings to mind North American lakesides and mountain vistas.

Robert Allen's Soo Lock Fabric framed

You can see that the colors in Robert Allen’s fabric is reminiscent of this Carmichael painting above.

If you are a lover of French Impressionism, than Ralph Lauren’s Garden Walk fabric is perfect for you.

Ralph Lauren's Garden Walk - Posy Fabric Framed

Inspired by Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, Ralph Lauren’s Garden Walk-Posy is truly a work of art. From one inspiring artist to another, Ralph Lauren couldn’t have picked a better muse than Monet, who helped transform French painting in the late 1800s and is still captivating audiences around the globe with his unique style.

Whether you lean more towards  Impressionism or  another style, DecoratorsBest has the right fabric wall art for you!

2 thoughts on “Fabric as Art

  1. Love the idea of framed textiles, and the use of them as wall covering too. These samples are quite beautiful. I had a friend who loved a set of sheets so much, she had her master bedroom walls covered in the same pattern as well!

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